Will Air Purifiers Remove Dust & Dust Mites?

In Brief: Does the air purifier remove dust & dust mites?

Air purifiers can remove dust and help with the elimination of dust mites. Air purifiers will trap the dust impurities suspending in the air and improve the air quality. The dust mites count will gradually reduce once the food source (dust) is reduced. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifier is the best for removing dust and dust mites. It has an efficiency of 99.97%.

Yes, air purifiers help with removing dust and reducing dust mites.

Several air purifiers are available in the market. If you are looking for an air purifier to remove the dust, you have come to the right place.

We will now address this in detail in this article. This article will help you decide which air purifier works best for dust and dust mites.

Understanding Dust and Dust Mites

Dust is the collection of fine solid particles like dried skin cells, pollen, hair, microbes, sand particles, dust mites, and other minute particles.

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed on dust. It is not hazardous but causes allergic reactions to humans.

Now let us discuss some of the causes for dust accumulation.

Dust on the carpet – The dust from the sole of the shoes, pet paws, and other impurities in the air settles down on the carpet.

Dust from outdoor – Dust particles like pollen, fine sand carried by the wind because of soil erosion enter the home through windows, doors, vents, etc.,

Dust from the nearby construction sites – The dust is formed while loading and unloading construction materials.

Dust from open area/roads – Dust can come from open areas outside or roads too.

Cheap HVAC units – Cheap HVAC units have filters with large holes that allow dust to re-enter the room through their vents.

Insects – Insect fecal and body parts also cause dust. Insects like cockroaches, flies, lizards, etc., leave behind materials that accumulate as dust.

Thus, the above are some of the causes of dust production.

How Air Purifiers Can Help Removing Dust

Let us now discuss how air purifiers benefit society and individuals in removing dust.

No matter how many times we clean the house, the dust gets accumulated without fail. Air purifiers will benefit us by purifying the air regularly and trapping the dust particles before it settles down.

When you purify the air regularly, the amount of dust accumulated in your home will reduce and the dust mites count will also decrease.

Air purifiers benefit people with asthmatic problems to breathe in fresh air free from dust by purifying it. It also helps people with dust allergies to live in a dust-free environment.

Thus, air purifiers benefit us in removing dust.

Which air Purifiers Work For Dust?

Here is a list of air purifiers that work on dust.

Pre-filterPrefilters can help with removing the dust particles in the air. However, they are not efficient when used alone.

HEPA filterHEPA  purifiers are mechanical filters that work on dust and dust mites. The dust and the dust mites are trapped in the sieving layer.

PECO filter – PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) air purifiers can filter dust particles in the air and trap them by fiber. In the case of biologically active materials like dust mites, catalytic oxidation takes place, returning them to their trace components.

Which Air Filter is Best Suited for Dust / Dust Mites

From the above-analyzed filters, HEPA filter is the most efficient when it comes to removing dust and dust mites.

HEPA  filter has different filtering mechanisms depending on the particle size.

Dust particles are larger are filtered using the Sieving filtering mechanism. The dust particles are trapped between the fiber spaces.

Particles of size 5µm and above are filtered in this layer.

As mentioned above, dust mites feed on dust particles to survive.

Once the dust particles in the atmosphere are removed, the dust mites will not have anything to feed on, and their count will reduce.

HEPA filter can also filter the dust mites and their waste left behind. They are lightweight and lingers in the air along with other dust particles.

Thus, HEPA  filters can remove dust and eliminate dust mites.


Thus, air purifiers can eliminate dust and control the growth of dust mites. It improves the air quality and aids people with asthma, allergy, etc., to breathe in the pure and fresh air.

Now, you must have an idea of which filter to buy at your house for removing the dust particles. In case of further information, please type in the comment box below or reach us through email.

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