Our Mission

We all realise that air pollution is a problem in India but only a few know how serious it can be and how it affects so many aspects of our health.

If you still feel air pollution is none of your concern, a look at the data in this infographic will probably shock you –

Why pay attention to air pollutionWhile the debate will rage on what authorities should do to control pollution, our technical understanding tells us that there are very simple ways one can protect oneself, and one’s loved ones from the problem.

And the first step in that mission is knowledge: simple basic understanding of how air pollution harms you and harms you seriously.

Once you know how the enemy is attacking you, it is just a matter of blocking those vulnerabilities.

The mission of AirHealth.in is to be your best go-to-resource for reliable information on air pollution and protection from it.

Breathe Fresh‘ should be everyone’s birthright. And the knowledge base on this site will help you achieve it.

Best wishes,

Airhealth.in Team