Crompton Air Purifiers Models Specs & Price [2021]

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Crompton is an Indian multinational electrical company based in Mumbai.

It is part of the Avantha group and was founded in 1878. The company is involved in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of products related to power generation, transmission, and distribution.

As of 2016, Crompton has been under professional management and has two business segments: Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables.

In March 2020, it had total revenue of 45.12 billion Rupees. Crompton has over 1500 employees and a rising ratio of women in positions of power.

Crompton Air Purifiers

Crompton air purifiers are available in three different models. All of them are meant for use in rooms of various sizes.

Here are quick summaries of their features and specifications.

Crompton Air Purifiers Comparison

ModelFilterIdeal For
Crompton TherapureHEPA + Photocatalyst18.6 m sq
Crompton Air DoctorUltra HEPA + Gas Trap Absorption Filter + Ionizer42 m sq
Crompton Ionic ProFilter + Ionizer15.4 m sq

Crompton Therapure

The Crompton Therapure, having a CADR of 216 cubic meters per hour, is ideal for rooms measuring 18.6 meters square.

Its patented hemispheric HEPA filtration efficiently removes pollutants and allergens from the air.

The Photocatalyst filter gets rid of toxic fumes and other VOCs. An air quality sensor with auto mode indicates the standard of indoor air in real-time.

It can be seen on the LED at the top, which has a dimmer function.

This feature complements the built-in night mode.

The Therapure filter is a permanent one and need not be replaced. A clean filter alert lets you know when it needs to be washed. It also offers UV and VOC functions with a separate on/off switch.

The settings can be adjusted using a remote control. Crompton introduced this model intending to offer an affordable yet powerful solution to air pollution.


Crompton Air Doctor

Crompton’s Air Doctor is meant for larger spaces up to 42 meters square. This model has a CADR of 500 cubic meters per hour, making it fit for living rooms and large bedrooms.

It uses an Ultra HEPA filter, which is apparently far more effective than regular HEPA filters.

Ultra HEPA acts on 99.95% of particles as small as .003 microns. It also has a Gas Trap Absorption Filter that removes unwanted gases like dangerous ozone and VOCs.

A third layer in the purification method is an ionizer.

This boosts the purification process by holding onto suspended particulate matter like mold spores, pollen, pet dander, etc.

The powerful Whisper-Jet fans in the Air Doctor operate more quietly than the fans of other air purifiers.

Features for ease of use include Change Filter Alert, Air Quality Indicator, Night Mode, and Auto Mode.

A real-time air quality display indicates how pure the indoor air is through colors.


Crompton Ionic Pro

The Ionic Pro is a room air freshener with a clean air delivery rate of 178 cubic meters per hour. This makes it suitable for rooms measuring approximately 15.4-meter square.

It is designed to purify air silently while using less energy than a compact fluorescent bulb.

It comes in a sleek, compact body and almost looks like a stylish speaker. The purification method involves two stages, a filter, and an ionizer.

The filter removes pollutants, dust, dander, germs, and allergens from the air.

This is a permanent, washable filter that does not require replacement. It can be easily cleaned in a sink or dishwasher for reuse.

The ionizer makes this process more efficient by producing negative ions in the molecules of these pollutants.

The negative ions make the particles cluster for easier purification and are also believed to improve mood.

This model has four modes of operation and a 24-hour timer. It also features a clean filter alert, air quality indicator, silent mode, night mode, and auto mode.



Crompton is an Indian company that manufactures and distributes electrical products. It offers three types of air purifiers that are meant for use in rooms.

Each has a combination of purification methods that remove pollutants, gases, and smells from indoor air.

The Ionic Pro and Therapure models have washable filters that need not be replaced. Air Doctor is meant for larger spaces and uses Ultra Hepa filters.

All three have convenient features like filter alerts, auto mode, and air quality display.

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