Godrej Air Purifier Models [2021] Specs & Prices

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Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Godrej is an Indian conglomerate owned and managed by the Godrej family. It was founded far back in 1897 and started its enterprise with lock and lever technology.

Since then it has come a long way and diversified with a wide range of services and products.

These include real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security, and agricultural products.

The company employs 28,000 people and has a revenue of 4.1 billion US Dollars. The company prioritizes customer service and satisfaction.

In 2002, it was the first to launch a branded service offering in India called ‘Smart Care’.

Today, Godrej offers 660 service centers all over India. It also has more than 4500 app-enabled ‘Smart Buddy Technicians’.

Additionally, a 24 x 7 call center with linguistic capability of up to 14 regional languages provides customer service.

Godrej Air Purifier

At present, Godrej offers only one model in its range of air purifiers. This comes with an ‘Air Quality Indicator’ and a multifunctional filter.

The filter efficiently removes particulate matter sized 2.5 microns, formaldehyde, and odor to give out clean and fresh air.

GAS TTWP 4 270 A

Source: Company Website

This air purifier uses a 4-stage purification system to remove unwanted pollutants from indoor air. The first layer is a Pre-FIlter that sieves out larger particles like hair, dandruff, and coarse particles.

After this, the air is passed through a HEPA Filter. This layer effectively removes substances like dust, bacteria, smoke, allergens, pet dander, and pollen.

Next is a Carbon Filter that absorbs volatile organic compounds and gets rid of odors and chemicals in the air.

Another component of this purification process is the Ionizer. This feature generates negative ions in the air that react with the atmospheric pollutants.

This reaction causes the pollutants to form clusters as they get attracted to each other, making them easier to remove.

The reaction also deactivates the potential danger in these pollutants leading to more effective purification than simply using filters.

A Touch Sensor Control & Digital Display indicates the level of PM2.5 in the air.

It uses three colors to indicate the quality of the air in a room. Godrej’s air purifier has an applicable area of 270 square feet or 25 meters square.



So far Godrej offers only one model in its line of air purifiers. This uses a three-stage purification process with a Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, and Carbon Filter.

It also has an Ionizer that improves the effectiveness of the system. Best for offices and bedrooms, it displays the quality of indoor air using a Digital Display.

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