American Micronic Instruments (India) Private Limited is a Gurgaon based company founded in 2014.

It provides the home, kitchen and cleaning appliances for the Indian customers.

The products are water heaters, air purifiers, pedestal fans, coffee maker, air fryers, toasters, OTGs, blender grillers, hand mixers, vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and pressure washers.

The company has newly started the air purifier range and currently has currently one model.

Let’s discuss the air purifier models by the company in detail

1. AMI-AP1-22Dx Review and Specs

American Micronic AMI-AP1-22Dx


This is the only air purifier model that American Micronic currently offers for the Indian market.

The company claims that it removes 99.97% of airborne particles, formaldehyde, oil vapors, and odor.

It comes with HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter, and Ionizer. The Ionizer helps in removing particles with negatively charges ions and can be manually controlled through the ON/OFF button.

The company claims that it covers an area of 150-200 sq ft, but based on the reviews it is more suitable for smaller ones ~100-120 sq ft. Thus it is suitable for use in small bedrooms, office cabins, and children rooms.

In addition, it has a convenience feature of 1-2-4-8 hour timer and 3 speeds Airflow with sleep mode.


Coverage Area150-200 Sq ft.
CADR220 m3/hr
Electrostatic filtersNo
Power22 W
Filter Stages2
Filter LifeN/A
Filter Cost (approx)N/A
Warranty1 Year
Air Quality IndicatorNo
Mobile AppNo
RemovesOdor, PM2.5, allergens & dust

American Micronic currently has just one air purifier in the market.

The reviews of the same by the buyers have been decent. It is small in size and thus can take little space – important criteria if you have space issues.

The key USP of the product is its low price and thus is suitable for extremely price-conscious customers.

But in terms of problems, there does not seem to be any spare parts such as filters etc. available of the air purifier online on Amazon (at the time of writing this review). Also, there is no detailed info about the company, its history on its webpage. This is important to develop credibility. These are some areas of concern.

American Micronic AMI-AP1-22Dx




Filter Type






Coverage Area



  • Low Price
  • HEPA & Ionizer
  • Takes Little Space


  • No spare parts online
  • No company Info on Website
  • Low coverage area

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