Blueair 270 E Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Blueair 270 E Air Purifier Review

‘Small space but big results’- this phrase aptly summarizes the Blueair 270 E air purifier. Don’t let the compact design of the Blueair 270 E betray you! The air purifier features the much-touted HEPASilent™ technology combining ionization and mechanical HEPA filtration to provide the best results in air purification. With this model stowed away in one corner of your room, you no longer have to worry about air quality and enjoy the 100% clean, fresh air that the model provides effortlessly and noiselessly !

The Blueair family is a vast range of air purifiers spanning different sizes.

The air purifiers have long been the customer favorites due to their reliability and efficiency in removing all kinds of impurities.

The use of these air purifiers is common in homes, offices, cars, or commercial spaces.

In the following sections of this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the specifications and features of the Blueair 270 E air purifier.

We will elaborate on the specifications of this air purifier, what sets it apart, the usage, and more information that will better help you understand the product and decide if it suits your needs.

Key Specifications Of Blueair 270 E

Source: Blueair

The Blueair 270 E is one of the slimmest air purifiers which, despite its compact size, offers impressive performance and makes cleaning the air in small rooms convenient for the user.

The display on the air purifier lets the user see the indoor air quality at all times.

This Blueair model, like all others, makes use of the patented HEPASilent™ technology.

This technology was developed to harness the purification powers of electrostatic and mechanical filtration to achieve results far superior to using either of the two individually.

The air is rid of all kinds of pollutants, including common asthma and allergy triggers.

Set your Blueair 270 E to the auto mode and enjoy clean air as the purifier takes over complete control and optimizes itself to best clean the air, efficiently and noiselessly.

The model is very lightweight and can be carried around with ease. Place it in any corner of your house where you want to cleanse the air.

The key specifications of the Blueair 270 E air purifier are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyHEPASilent
Filtration Stages2
Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)5
FiltersParticle HEPA filter, Deodorizing SmokeStop™ filter
Coverage AreaUp to 22 sq. m.
CADR (CMH)264 (Smoke, Pollen, Dust)
Power Consumption20 to 80 Watts
Noise32 to 56 dB
Dimensions (H X W X D)533 x 432 x 209 mm

Unique Features

Source: Blueair

The air purifier’s ACH metric is the air changes per hour, which means how many times the entire volume of the room is circulated through the air purifier.

The Blueair family of air purifiers showcases a different league of excellence in this category.

The Blueair 270 E air purifier is capable of circulating the air of the room five times within an hour.

Within the first 12 minutes of operation, all of the air in the room has already circulated once through the filters of the purifier.


What All Impurities Blueair 270 E Removes

The Blueair 270 E air purifier is an excellent model for its capabilities that allow it to eradicate a vast range of impurities of different natures and sizes.

The physical contaminants like dust, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, hair, etc. are removed by the first layer of filtration.

The subsequent particle filter removes disease-causing germs and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

The deodorizing activated carbon layer effectively eliminates unwanted odors and harmful gasses like TVOCs, benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, etc.

The overall 3-step filtration is effective against all kinds of impurities, be it physical, chemical, or biological !

Can Blueair 270 E Remove Viruses ?

The Blueair 270 E uses HEPASilent™ air purification technology that effectively targets viruses with its HEPA filtration and ionization technology.

Not only does the air purifier capture viruses, but it also deactivates, or in other words kills, the viruses to prevent further growth.

Blueair 270 E 240-Litre Air Purifier Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

The HEPASilent™ technology is a combination of the ionization and mechanical filtration processes.

The ionizer in Blueair 270 E releases a concentrated stream of negative ions that interact with the incoming air particles.

These ions tend to cling to the impurities and then lead them towards the positive filter media so that there is no chance of escape, no matter how small the impurities are.

The mechanical filtration consists of two filter media – a particle HEPA filter and a deodorizing filter.

The HEPA filter, with its fine micro-pleated structure, can capture impurities as small as 0.3 microns. Once captured within the confines of the small pores, these impurities are not released back into the air.

The deodorizing filter is made of activated carbon. The porous structure of the activated carbon provides a large surface area for the adsorption of the gaseous contaminants.

This layer is effectively in place to remove unwanted odors from the air like cooking odors, cigarette smoke, perspiration, old furniture smell, the smell from wet clothes drying in the room, etc.

The result is 100% clean air free from any kind of impurities that ensures a pleasant environment for you and your family despite the degrading air quality outside!


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

The filter replacement indicator on the air purifier’s display will alert the user when it is time to change the particle or the SmokeStop™ filter in the Blueair 270 E model.

The Blueair Series 200 replacement filters are used for this model.

The Amazon purchase link for the Series 200 particle filter is here>

Blueair can also be contacted directly for getting replacement filters or information regarding local dealers selling replacement filters.

The use of original company-made filters is essential for ensuring optimal air purification and long life for the air purifier.

Repairs and Warranty

Blueair provides one-year warranty coverage on all its air purifiers.

This warranty is easily extendable up to an additional year, entirely free of cost by simply registering the product.

For any further queries regarding the product or the warranty, Blueair can be contacted at [email protected]. More contact sources can be found at

Price of Blueair 270 E and Its Filters

Blueair is traditionally a premium air purifier brand that prices its products slightly higher than the market average.

However, the reputation of the brand and its long history of manufacturing reliable air purification solutions make the choice of buying a Blueair air purifier a reasonable one.

You can rest assured of quality performance and reliability for years to come.

The filters are not priced exorbitantly, and therefore, the annual maintenance charges of the Blueair 270 E are relatively reasonable.

The need for replacement also arises after long durations because of the superior quality of the filters. Overall, the Blueair 270 E is a sound choice for a small room air purifier.


Who Should Buy Blueair 270 E ?

The coverage area of the Blueair 270 E air purifier is 22 sq. m. at the maximum.

This makes the air purifier an excellent choice for small rooms, a study in your house or a small office cabin.

It can be placed in any corner of the room. Within the first 12 minutes of operation, the entire air volume is circulated through the air purifier, ensuring continuous cleansing and healthy breathable air.

Why We Like It

We like Blueair products for their reliability and performance. Although the units are priced slightly higher than average, the performance matches the money spent.

The HEPASilent™ technology is third-party tested and proven effective against all the impurities in the air that plague us.

The consistent use of the Blueair 270 E is sure to be helpful for allergy or asthma sufferers.

The air purifier also prevents some of the common respiratory ailments causes by inhaling impure air. It ensures a pleasant environment in your home.

The Blueair 270 E wins our vote for one of the best air purifiers for small rooms!

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