Blueair 450 E Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Blueair 450 E Air Purifier Review

The Blueair Classic 450 E was way ahead of its time when it first introduced the ionization technology along with the mechanical particle filtration to achieve a stellar 99.97% purification rate. The rate of purification combined with the large coverage area makes this model an excellent fit for larger bedrooms or living spaces. A one-time investment in the Blueair Classic 450 E will pay off dividends for a long time, making sure you and your family breathe clean all the time !

Blueair is a dedicated air purifier manufacturer, and the company has produced a wide range of models to cater to all kinds of air purification needs.

These best in class Swedish air purifiers have been long used by many Indians, and they have proved their performance against the harsh Indian climatic and environmental conditions.

Known for their reliable performance and timeless quality, the Classic series of air purifiers undergo extensive testing by the independent Nordic test institute Testfakta and emerged with flying colors.

The focus of the following sections of this article is the Classic 450 E air purifier. The series of Classic air purifiers are segmented into Series 200, Series 400, and Series 600.

The Classic 450 E is a part of the Series 400 air purifiers suitable for small to mid-sized living rooms and large bedrooms. Read on to know more about this model !

Key Specifications Of Blueair 450 E

Source: Blueair

The user-friendly digital display of the Blueair 450 E helps in viewing the air quality status at all times.

The controls on the panel can be used to change the settings of the air purifier.

The same can also be modified remotely, and the user can make adjustments according to the air quality in the room.

Alternatively, the user can also revert to the auto mode to let the unit function as per its own optimal calculations.

The unique HEPASilent™ technology of Blueair is used for the purification.

This technology makes use of a combination of electrostatic and mechanical purification to achieve a 99.97% reduction in the contaminant level of the air indoors.

The air quality indicator will let you know of the air purifier’s operations and the current level of pollution in the air.

The technical specifications of the Blueair 450 E are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyHEPASilent
Filtration Stages
FiltersParticle HEPA filter, SmokeStop™ Activated Carbon Filter
Coverage AreaUp to 34 sq. m. (or 365 sq. ft.)
CADR (CMH)408 (Smoke, Pollen, and Dust)
Power Consumption35 to 80 W
Noise32 to 52 dB
Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)5
Dimensions (H X W X D)590 x 500 x 275 mm

Unique Features

Source: Blueair

The combination of the ionization technology and the mechanical filtration technologies make the Blueair 450 E stand out from plenty of other purifiers in the market that rely solely on filters for their purification efficiency.

Another unique feature of the Blueair 450 E is the use of ‘thinner than the standard thickness’ filters that ensure lesser energy is expended in pushing the air out of the unit and in circulation around the room.

It makes the unit energy efficient and prevents it from making noise while operating even on the top fan speed.


What All Impurities Blueair 450 E Removes

Pollen, other allergens, dust, pet dander, gaseous contaminants like TVOCs, perspiration, smoke, etc. are all the different sizes and kinds of impurities that are effectively tackled by the Blueair Classic 450 E air purifier.

The particle or HEPA filter is able to remove particles as small as 0.1 microns, which includes several kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, the air purifier provides a well-rounded defense against physical, chemical, and biological pollutants with equal efficiency.

Can Blueair 450 E Remove Viruses?

Yes, the HEPA particle filter boasts of a 99.97% efficiency in removing 0.1-micron particles that includes certain varieties of viruses.

Blueair 450 E Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

With the help of its purification technology, the Blueair 450 E is able to remove particles as small as 0.1 microns with 99.97% efficiency.

This level of purification is achieved because the filter media is made of millions of tiny fibers of different sizes, which are layered and then folded in a pleated arrangement to allow for an increased filtration surface area.

The physical make of a particle filter along with the device’s airflow is what allows for efficient mechanical filtration of larger air contaminants.

Each Blueair air purifier, including the 450 E, is fitted with a built-in ionizer that releases negatively charged ions.

These ions cling to the smaller incoming particles and are then attracted to the positively charged filter media.

The combination of these two types of filtration techniques allows Blueair to use thinner filters, which means that less energy is consumed, and less noise is generated to push the air through the filters and out into the room.


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

The filter replacement indicator on the air purifier’s body will alert the user when it is time to change the filter.

The Blueair Classic 450E makes use of the particle filter (HEPA) and the SmokeStop™ filters to purify the air. The Amazon purchase links for the same are mentioned below.

Blueair 400 Series Particle Filter

Blueair Smokestop Filter for 400 Series Air Purifier

Repairs and Warranty

Blueair provides a one-year warranty for the Classic 450 E air purifier. Blueair will bear the repairs or replacement costs for the air purifier within the first 12 months of purchase.

This warranty does not include the purification filters used. To extend this warranty by one more year, the product will have to be registered at

The customer support for Blueair air purifiers is available at [email protected]. The toll-free number for contacting Blueair is 1860 210 1000 (From within India only).

Price of Blueair 450 E and Its Filters

The Blueair 450 E is a slightly expensive purchase. It is considered a premium manufacturer of air purifiers.

However, the adoption of a more developed purification technology by the 450 E model to provide extended filter life and less energy consumption makes the one-time investment in the product worth it.

The replacement filter costs are not very high, and therefore, you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money after the one time purchase !


Who Should Buy Blueair 450 E ?

The Blueair 450 E air purifier is a top choice for people who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, or something else.

The unit with its 365 sq. ft. coverage is adequate for small to medium living spaces.

It can also be placed in larger bedrooms as it operates noiselessly and would not disturb your sleep.

Why We Like It

We like Blueair products for their dependability, robustness, and consistency in performance. The unit is a one-time purchase that will serve you for years to come.

With proper care and maintenance, a Blueair 450 E will ensure healthy air for you and your family, significantly reducing the detrimental health hazards of inhaling polluted air.

The cost of this elegant air purifier is a small price to pay for your family’s wellbeing!

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