Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier Review

The Blueair Classic 205 is a perfect addition to any small or medium room in your house because it provides excellent ease of use and exceptional performance. With greater than 99% efficiency in pollution removal, this air purifier is as close as it comes to perfection ! Hurry and get yours now to enjoy clean, crisp air in the comforts of your home !

Who would have thought that speaking a sentence like ‘Alexa, ask Blueair to run on max speed’ will let you change the speed at which your air purifier is operating?

Well, now you don’t have to think and imagine as it is entirely possible to do this with the Blueair Classic series of air purifiers.

This is just one of the many features that are packed into the sleek and compact design of the Classic 205 air purifier.

If you are thinking of purchasing a quality air purifier for a small room in your house for personal use or small office space, you’ve come to the right place.

We will take a good look at the features and specifications of the Classic 205 model in the following sections.

Read on to know more !

Key Specifications Of Blueair Classic 205

Source: Blueair

The Blueair Classic 205 air purifier has completely filtered and circulated the entire air volume in your room within the first 12 minutes of its operation, which means the air in your room is filtered 5X times an hour, which is the industry recommended rate.

The support for Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility means that you can not only monitor the air quality in your room at all times with real-time updates to your smartphone app but also change the device settings with voice commands.

The key specifications of the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyHEPASilent
Filtration Stages2
FiltersParticle Filter (HEPA), SmokeStop™ (Activated Carbon)
Coverage AreaUp to 280 sq. ft.
CADR (CMH)340 (Pollen), 340 (Dust), 306 (Smoke)
Power Consumption20 to 80 Watts
Noise32 to 56 dB
Dimensions (H X W X D)533 x 432 x 209 mm

Unique Features

Source: Blueair

The high-efficiency particulate arrestant technology deemed the HEPASilent™ is the biggest eye-catcher of the Classic family.

The combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration gives an additional edge to the purifier over the rest.

The voice control is another Classic feature that lets you remotely operate the air purifier and adjust the settings or turn it on/off as per convenience.

This is much more user-friendly that a remote or app or buttons on the purifier body as you can control the actions by just speaking out!


What All Impurities Blueair Classic 205 Removes

The standard particle filter used by the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier clears all kinds of impurities present in the indoor air down to 0.1-micron size.

This includes common allergy triggers like pollen from flowers and trees. The more significant contaminants include dust, dust mites, mold spores, hair, pet dander, etc.

The gaseous pollutants include industrial emissions, benzene, toluene, NO2, TVOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, cooking odors, perspiration, etc.

The activated carbon layer of the Blueair filter can easily remove these with its excellent adsorption capabilities.

All of these impurities are removed with an efficiency of 99.97% to deliver clean, germ-free air !

Can Blueair Classic 205 Remove Viruses ?

Internal testing conducted by Blueair concluded that the Classic family, including the 205 models, is effective in 99% removal of germs.

This indicates that the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier not only removes viruses, but it also leaves these viruses unviable i.e., unable to reproduce.

Blueair Classic 205 Air Filter Systems: How It Purifies Air

The whisper-quiet fan of the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier draws in air from all corners of the room.

Upon entering the purifier system, the particulate matter in the air is treated to an electrostatic charge, after which the air proceeds to interact with the Blueair filter.

The Blueair filter is composed of several ultra-thin polypropylene fibers of various sizes in many different layers.

These electrostatically charged particles cling to these interlocking fibers and get trapped like magnets. Once locked in, these will not get released back into the air.

The benefit of using polypropylene in the purifier is twofold. Not only does it form an excellent trap for most impurities, but it is also antibacterial in nature, restricting further growth of germs.

It is also an environmentally responsible choice.

The remaining clean air passes through the thin filters with relative ease. The less-dense filter of the air purifier means that the air purifier needs less energy and pressure.

It also reduces clogging, which is a common problem encountered in other models.

Ultimately, the clean air is circulated through the room with an impressive CADR !


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Source: Blueair

Filter Change Requirements

Blueair recommends replacing the filter every six months for the best results because Blueair states that the filter life is six months when operated for 24 hours a day.

The Blueair filtration system is comprised of two primary filters – the particle filter and the SmokeStop™ filter.

The purchase links for the Series 200 Particle Filter is here>.

They can also be purchased by contacting the company or locating a retail store near you.

Repairs and Warranty

Blueair offers a one year warranty applicable from the date of purchase for the Classic 205 air purifier.

The same can be extended for an additional one-year duration by simply filling a registration form online or via the Blueair app.

They can be contacted via the customer support email or call at [email protected] and 1860 210 1000, respectively. A comprehensive support page is available at

Price of Blueair Classic 205 and Its Filters

Although the Blueair name is quite the premium brand in terms of air purifiers, the Classic 2015 is a reasonably cost-effective option in its product range.

The product is pricier than its counterparts in a similar coverage area range. However, it also offers features that the other brand air purifiers don’t have.

The replacement filters are priced similarly to other replacement filters in the market.

Overall, the Blueair Classic 205 is a good purchase for someone looking or a reliable, long-lasting model!


Who Should Buy Blueair Classic 205 ?

The Blueair Classic 205 air purifier with its coverage area up to 26 sq. m. is well-suited for small to medium-sized rooms.

It is categorized as a small room filter by Blueair itself.

The noiseless operations of the purifier make it adequate for living spaces, bedrooms, or home offices.

Why We Like It

We like Blueair products for their well-found balance between style and technology.

The sleek body houses an efficient purification system that, at its lowest settings, consumes less power than a light bulb.

You can comfortably sit in one corner of the room and shout out commands that will let you modify the air purifier settings with ease.

The long life of the air purifier paired with its advanced technology is great for anyone who wants an easy-to-use model with proven performance !

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