Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier Review

The Blueair Classic 280i is packed with the latest features in the Blueair Classic family, with a coverage area of 26 sq. m, HEPASilent technology, and ALEXA compatibility, it promises to deliver excellence in air purification. Millions of customers worldwide can verify these claims, and so do we !

The rising air pollution levels are a significant concern across the world, where most urban areas around the world record pollution level 2.5 times higher than the recommended levels.

If this wasn’t enough, the indoor pollution levels could be 5 to 10 times higher than the pollution levels outside.

In the following sections of this article, we are going to explore the technical specifications and functionalities of the Classic 280i air purifier.

As the name suggests, the model is a part of the Classic air purifier family and categorized by Blueair as a small air purifier because of its coverage area of 26 sq. m.

Read on to know more about this model !

Key Specifications Of Blueair Classic 280i

Source: Blueair

The Blueair Classic 280i air purifier is well-suited for small to medium-sized rooms up to size 26 sq. m.

It is beneficial to stick to the recommended room size because it ensures that the air purifier can clean the entire air volume of the room five times in an hour, which is the industry standard.

This means the air in the whole room is cleaned once within the first 12 minutes of operation.

The intelligent, integrated sensors of the Blueair Classic 280i automatically adjust to the environment and ensure that the air quality remains healthy.

It is to be noted that the air purifier uses an advanced SmokeStop™ filter that is effective against both particle and gas removal.

The innovation doesn’t stop at this. The potent combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration ensures less energy, and less pressure is needed to achieve effective filtration as compared to traditional HEPA filters. Check out the features of the Classic series in a quick video at :


The key specifications of this Blueair Classic model are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyPurification Technology
Filtration Stages2
FiltersHEPA filter + Activated Carbon SmokeStop™ combination filter
Coverage AreaUp to 26 sq. m.
CADR (CMH)340 (Pollen), 340 (Dust), 306 (Smoke)
Power Consumption20 to 80 W
Noise32 to 56 dBA
Air Changes per Hour (ACH)5
Dimensions (H X W X D)
533 x 432 x 209 mm

Unique Features

Source: Blueair

The Blueair Classic 280i is an ALEXA-compatible air purifier.

What this means is that you can not only change the configurations of the air purifier using the Blueair app available on your smartphone but also use voice commands on any Amazon ALEXA enabled device.

You can simply shout out the settings you want to change, and the purifier will automatically adjust itself as per the command issued!

There is an excellent level of customization offered in the Blueair app, like controlling the LED brightness, night mode scheduling, and child lock.

Lastly, the air purifier can achieve purification at 5X times in one hour, which is something not every purifier can achieve.

What All Impurities Blueair Classic 280i Removes

The Blueair Classic 280i is useful in filtering pollutants of a wide range of sizes.

These include bacteria, viruses, pollens, allergens, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke, formaldehyde, cooking odors, cleaning chemicals, etc. and a lot more.

Some are visible to the naked eye, but most are microscopic in nature, and the non-visibility gives the false illusion of clean air.

None of these impurities can escape Blueair’s HEPASilent technology, which filters them out, leaving you breathing 100% clean air !


Can Blueair Classic 280i Remove Viruses ?

Yes, the HEPA filter of the Blueair Classic 280i is known to remove microorganisms like viruses from the air with relative ease.

Blueair Classic 280i Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

The purification process begins with the smart integrated filters that closely monitor the air quality to detect even the slightest changes in the air quality.

These readings are then used by the air purifier to manipulate the fan speed to optimal levels to draw the air into the purifier with the help of its ultra-silent fan.

Upon entering the air purifier, the particles in the air become electrostatically charged so that they are forcefully attracted to the filter material.

The combination of HEPA particle filter and the SmokeStop™ filter successfully captures all kinds of impurities.

A combination of this ionization technique and mechanical filtration allows the highest air velocity and giving you maximum clean air with minimal noise and power consumption.

The fresh air is pushed into every corner of the room.

The filters of Blueair air purifiers are specifically designed to suit each device’s airflow and unit size to ensure maximum air purification efficiency.


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

Blueair recommends changing the filters of the Classic 280i air purifier every six months for the best results.

Alternatively, the filter replacement indicator will also light up when it is time to make the necessary replacements.

Purchase link for the Blueair Series 200 Particle filter here>

The replacement filters can be purchased from Blueair directly from their website.

Repairs and Warranty

The Blueair Classic 280i is covered by a one-year warranty, which is extendable up to 2 years by simply registering the product at

The warranty covers all kinds of repairs and replacements that the product might need in the warranty period.

For any further assistance, Blueair can be contacted via their toll-free number or email at 1860 210 1000 and [email protected], respectively.

A contact form is also available at

Price of Blueair Classic 280i and Its Filters

Blueair is a premium air purifier brand. Its products are priced at the higher end of the scale compared to other models available in the market.

However, you should consider investing in the air purifier because it provides premium features that make the initial price well worth the investment.

The filters are of good quality and priced reasonably; therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of money after the one-time purchase on subsequent maintenance and operations.


Who Should Buy Blueair Classic 280i ?

The 26 sq. m. coverage area makes the air purifier suitable for small rooms in your house or office.

It can be placed in any corner of the room, and you can enjoy 100% clean air in the space!

If you live in an especially polluted city, the air purifier is a must to ensure good health for you and your family.

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Why We Like It

We like the Blueair Classic 280i air purifier because it is one of the few models or perhaps the only model in the small room segment that offers voice commands support.

Once paired with any Amazon ALEXA supported device, you can issue commands to your air purifier from any corner of the house.

This provides a new level of technology innovation not seen in previous-generation models.

The Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone app support, voice support are some of the features that transform the Blueair Classic 280i from a purifier to a smart purifier. So make the smart choice and get yours today!

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