Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 Review, Specs & Price

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In Brief: Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 Review

Features like easy scheduling, sleep mode, auto mode, easy to clean design, advanced app monitoring are just some of the attractions of the Dyson TP03 air purifier. The model stands out from the rest with its minimalist curved design that can be accommodated in any corner of your house! Purification happens with a vacuum-sealed 360-degree HEPA filter and activated carbon, and the crisp, pure air is then projected all over the room with the Air Multiplier™ tech and the oscillating body making for a refreshing room atmosphere!

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Dyson is a British company established in 1991. The diverse product line of Dyson in India ranges over air purifiers, cord-free vacuums, hair care, and lighting.

Currently, there are several different models available, but all of these are unique from the others in the market owing to their unique design and functionalities.

Dyson has pioneered the air purifier design making it minimal and additional functionalities like app syncing and remote controllers.

In the following sections of this article, we will take a look at the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03. Keep reading to know more about this model!

Key Specifications Of Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03

The Dyson TP03 relies on HEPA and activated carbon to tackle various pollutants in the indoor air.

The lower face velocity of this air purifier (compared to other models) needs to be noted because paired with the 360° vacuum-sealed, high-efficiency filter, the ultra-fine contaminants are assuredly sealed within the purifier and not released back into the room.

The integrated auto mode of the Dyson TP03 takes over the cleaning by monitoring air quality and reacting accordingly.

The night-time auto mode enables the quietest settings that allow the light sleepers to sleep in peace while also dimming the display.

Check out the features of the Dyson TP03 air purifier in a quick video right here.

Some key specifications of the model are detailed below.

Purification Technology360-degree Glass HEPA
Filtration Stages2
Filters360° Glass HEPA Filter, Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter
Particle SizePM0.1
PM FeedbackPM2.5, PM10
Noise Level42.3 to 64.4 dBA
Power Consumption40 W
Airflow Max Settings412 l/s
Particle Removal Efficiency99.95%

Unique Features

Unlike other air purifiers, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower can be controlled with the help of a curved and magnetized remote controller.

The curved design ensures that the remote can be docked on top of the curved loop of the Dyson TP03 affording easy access. During the warmer days, the manufacturers say that the machine can even cool you!

The Dyson TP03 also links to a Dyson app available on smartphones that allows you to monitor the air quality from outside your home.

It relays the purification activity and filter life. It also acts as a remote controller allowing you to schedule operations.

Additionally, the Dyson design uses something called the Air Multiplier™ technology, which boasts an oscillation feature.

This allows the small device to circulate and project purified air all around the room powerfully. The dual functionality of the fan feature, along with air purification, also deserves mention.

It is also to be noted that the lack of fast-spinning blades in the minimalistic design makes it safe for households with small kids or pets.

What All Impurities Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 Removes

Don’t let the simplistic design of the Dyson TP03 fool you.

The air purifier offers excellent protection against a wide range of contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and VOCs. The 360-degree HEPA removes particles roughly 100 times smaller than the size of the human hair.

The tris-coated graphite is useful in removing other harmful gases/odors, household fumes and formaldehyde.

Biological contaminants like allergens and other small particulate matter (almost 0.1 microns in size) are also removed effectively (99.95% removal).

The unit has also been certified by AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) to be asthma and allergy-friendly.

Can Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 Remove Viruses?

While there is explicit mention of forceful removal of pollen, bacteria, pet dander, allergens, and other impurities, there is no explicit mention of virus removal by the Dyson TP03.


Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 Air Filter Systems: How It Purifies Air

The advanced sensors of the Dyson TP03 detect not only PM2.5 and PM10 but also the VOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature, and humidity levels.

When the sensors detect impurities, the auto mode of the model takes control of the settings to optimize the purification level.


Inside the purifier, the circular design of the 360-degree glass HEPA filter paired with an activated carbon filter trap impurities from all angles.

Made of borosilicate microfibers and features over 200 pleats, the filter offers a considerable 99.95% removal of PMO.

Apart from the presence of a 360-degree HEPA filter, the toxic fumes and odors are also removed easily with a layer of activated carbon granules.

These ultrafine particles stay trapped in the vacuum-sealed filter, and the air is then projected outwards with the Air Multiplier™ technology.

The Air Multiplier™ is a bladeless fan that offers high-velocity, long-range air projection and amplifies the surrounding air.

Further, the uninterrupted stream of purified air is delivered with the smooth oscillation feature.


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

Changing the air filters of the Dyson TP03 is extremely easy.

The manufacturers recommend changing the filter after 12 months if it is used for up to 12 hours daily. The replacement filters are readily available and can be purchased here.

Repairs and Warranty

Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on the TP03 air purifier. For any queries, Dyson can be contacted via call or email at 1-800-258-6688 and [email protected], respectively.

They have also provided a Whatsapp contact option available at (+91) 88005 60658.

Price of Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 and Its Filters

Some may consider the Dyson TP03 to be priced a little extravagantly, but we sincerely feel the price is justified given the multitude of features offered that are not found in other models.

It takes up less space and provides noiseless operations while also delivering uninterrupted fresh air on hot summer days.

Additional features like Wi-Fi enablement, scheduling, remote control, easy availability of replacement filters, etc. justify the price of this model as compared to other models that lack many of these functionalities.


Who Should Buy Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03

For someone living in tropical areas experiencing hot days, the Dyson Cool Link Tower is a prudent purchase.

The oscillating, minimal design will occupy a small corner of any room in the house and office while ensuring a steady stream of clean, cool air, which is refreshing on a hot summer day!

Why We Like It

After careful design, scrutiny, and engineering, the Dyson team has come up with a unique design giving it a minimal footprint that can fit in any space within your home.

The users have rated the product excellently in multiple aspects like ease of install and use, sleep mode, and the remote controller.

Wi-Fi interaction greatly helps in interactivity.

Also, allowing you to schedule the air purifier via an app when you are outside ensuring that you walk into a house with purified air.

The product is effective against high levels of pollution and needs very low maintenance, ensuring clean air for you at all times!

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