Honeywell Air Touch i5 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Air Touch i5 Air Purifier Review

The Air Touch i5 is an excellent air purifier designed for small to medium sized rooms by Honeywell. The air purifier’s main filter is HEPA filter which is designed to filter out 99% of particulate matter larger than 0.3 microns. it 323 sq. ft. area rooms.

The Indian branch of Honeywell has been in the country since 1984, providing services and manufacturing goods in a variety of sectors such as aerospace engineering, control systems, and fire detection technologies.

However, over the last two decades they have become known among the public for less specialized reasons.

Rather, Honeywell is known for its air conditioning units as well as its air purifiers, which offer world-class functioning at prices which are more competitive than other international brands such as Dyson.

Apart from the Air Touch i5, Honeywell manufactures the following air purifiers for home use: Air Touch A5, Air Touch S8, Air Touch i8, Air Touch i9, and the Air Touch.

Key Specs of the Air Touch i5

Source: Honeywell

This model is a fairly straightforward air purifier. It has a sturdy construction, with a sleek design.

Its controls are simple and intuitive. It includes all the basic controls expected of an air purifier such as air quality sensors, a child lock, and Auto and Sleep Modes.

However, it lacks any WiFi capability, which means it cannot be controlled from a distance and you cannot monitor your air quality data over a long-term period.

Read the long list of Air Touch i5 specs here :

Coverage Area323 sq. ft.
CADR250 m3/hr
Electrostatic filtersNo
Filter Stages3
Filter Life3000 hours
Filter Cost (approx)Rs. 2914 for HEPA
Sound46 dB (min), 60 dB (max)
Warranty1 year
Air Quality IndicatorYes
Mobile AppNo
RemovesLarge dust particles, animal hair and dander
PM 2.5, pollen, ultrafine particles (99%)
"Odours, gaseous pollutants, formaldehyde
(over 99%)"
Other SpecificationsAnti-Fall Construction
Durable Polycarbonate Body
Sleep and Auto Modes and Child Lock

Unique Features

Source: Honeywell

Body Design and Aesthetics

The design of the i5 is similar to other Honeywell Air Touch purifiers: it has a sleek, modern, and minimalist design. The air vents are on the sides of the model as well as on top.

The control panel is also on the top of the model.

It is slightly more bulky than models such as the Air Touch S8 but it is still compact enough to fit into any room with ease while also remaining unobtrusive.

Its white colour and simple design means that it can be placed in any room without ruining the look of your room.

It also has an anti-fall design which means that its base is extra sturdy to prevent it from being accidentally knocked over due to its slender body. It also has a very durable body made of polycarbonate.

Coverage Area

This model has a coverage area of 323 sq. ft. which is equal to 30 sq. m. It is designed for home usage.

This means that it is meant to be used for small to medium sized rooms, being ideal for a study room or a bedroom.

It has a CADR 250 cu. m/hr, which is on the lower side but suffices for smaller rooms. It can cover your entire room even if it is placed away in a corner due to its 3D air flow technology. This allows it to take in air from all sides, using the vents on its sides.

Filtration System

Its 3D air flow technology feeds the air in your room through a series of 3 filters to obtain high quality air.

The first filter is, properly speaking, a pre-filter which blocks out larger pollutants which can damage the more sensitive filters.

The pre-filter filters out allergens such as animal dander and hair as well as large particulate matter larger than or the same size as PM10.

The second stage is the HEPA filter which is designed to filter out 99% of particulate matter larger than 0.3 microns in size. This includes PM2.5 as well as certain types of bacteria, although not all of them.

The final stage is Honeywell’s patented HiSiv filter which is designed to remove gaseous contaminants.

These include odours as well as dangerous chemicals, particularly VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It removes over 99% of formaldehyde from the air. This makes it more efficient than an activated carbon filter.


Source: Honeywell

The controls of this model are situated on top and consist of an LED panel with touch-sensitive controls. The LED panel has a tri-colour indicator which tells you the air quality in the room. For this, the Air Touch i5 uses laser sensors to monitor the level of pollutants in the air.

These sensors also allow it to use an Auto Mode which modulates the speed of the fan depending on the detected level of pollution. This makes it more efficient and less power consuming.

It also has a Sleep Mode which reduces its noise level while operating so that you can sleep undisturbed through the night. The controls also have a child lock as well as indicators to inform you when to change the filters.

General Specs and USPs

Other specs of this model pertain to its power usage which, at a maximum of 53W, is in the range of 1 to 3 CFL bulbs. This means that you can run it all day without adding significantly to your power consumption.

The noise level of this model is definitely on the higher side and is between 46 dB to 60 dB. This is unusually high for a model in the small-to-medium coverage range.

Since this model is quite basic in terms of its controls and capabilities, many of its unique features, according to Honeywell, are related to its physical construction and body. These include :

Anti-fall base : The construction of the base ensures that it does not fall despite its thin body

Durable exterior : The body of the model is made of highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate

Real time sensors : This model displays the PM2.5 level in the air in real time and informs you of the air quality


Pros and cons

The pros and cons of using this model are as follows :


  • Highly effective filtration system : The 3-step filtration system of this model removes not just 99% of particulate matter in the air, like other purifiers with HEPA filters in them, but also removes over 99% of gaseous pollutants.
  • High durability : This model is designed to be extremely sturdy. Its anti-fall design further increases this durability.


  • Could be a bit quieter

Who Should Use This Model?

This model is part of Honeywell’s range of purifiers for at-home use.

Furthermore, due to its small coverage area, it is not really suitable for most work spaces unless you are using a small-to-medium sized office.

It is ideal for a study room or a bedroom. Since it does not have WiFi capability, you cannot switch it on before you return home from work.

Thus, it is better suited for all-day use, especially if there are members of your household who stay at home.

Where to Buy?

Unlike most models manufactured by Honeywell, the Air Touch i5 is not available for purchase on the Honeywell website. It can only be purchased by enquiring if a Honeywell store near your location has it in stock.

While this isn’t a very convenient option, it ensures that you do not have issues with things such as warranty, which can sometimes arise when purchasing it abroad.

While this model is not available on Amazon, it does retail on Flipkart. However, you will have to check whether it is delivered to your PIN code.

The benefit of purchasing it on Flipkart is that it is not sold at its maximum retail price of Rs. 16990. Rather, you get it at a discounted rate. Flipkart also has sales during festival seasons during which air purifiers are sold at heavily discounted prices.

Our Recommendation

This model is good for users who spend a significant portion of their day at home and require an all-day air purifier for a study room or bedroom since it cannot be controlled from a distance via WiFi.

It has all the basic controls required to make it useful for you and the simplicity of its design and the intuitive and easy-to-use control panel will contribute to the ease of your experience.

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