Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier Review

The Honeywell Air Touch i8 is among the higher-priced air purifiers manufactured by Honeywell, with a coverage area of 415 sq feet, HEPA filters, and 3D air flow, its great choice for home and small office spaces.

Despite its long presence in the India market, it has recently become associated with a number of air-pollution-related solutions, including pollution masks.

Its other air purifiers are also highly popular, with hundreds of customers as well as favorable customer reviews.

While it manufactures commercial-level air purifiers as well, it manufactures the following air purifiers for home use: Air Touch A5, Air Touch S8, Air Touch i5, Air Touch i9, and the Air Touch.

Aside from air purifiers, Honeywell also provides other goods and services.

These range from highly specialized fields such as aerospace manufacturing to making footwear. It also invests in pioneering research in the field of quantum computing.

Key Specs of the Air Touch i8

Source: Honeywell

The Air Touch i8 is a highly power efficient, ultra quiet model which is suited for medium-sized rooms such as a bedroom or even a living room.

It contains the standard controls, including 3 fan speeds, Auto and Sleep Modes, and a Child Lock, with a sleek yet sturdy design with 3D air flow circulation capability.

Read the long list of Air Touch i8 specs here :

Coverage Area415 sq. ft.
CADR300 m3/hr
Electrostatic filtersNo
Power 42W
Filter Stages3
Filter Life3000 hours
Filter Cost (approx)Filter LifeRs 2914 for HEPA
Sound38 dB (min), 63 dB (max)
Warranty1 year
Air Quality IndicatorYes
Mobile AppNo
RemovesOdours, gaseous pollutants, VOCs (over 99%)
Ultrafine particles, PM2.5 (99%), pollen
PM10, animal dander and hair
Other Specifications"Smart Technology changes fan speed to suit
pollution level"
Comes in 2 colours - white and gold

Unique Features

Source: Honeywell

Appearance and Body

The i8 is specifically designed with aesthetics in mind, coming in two different colours, unlike the other Honeywell air purifiers.

These two colours are a classic white model and a model with is champagne gold in colour, which is a popular colour for electronics these days.

Apart from this, it shares its design with other Honey air purifiers: it is sleek and slim, with one vent on either side of the model and one vent on top.

The control panel is also on top of the model. This gives it a very streamlined and simple appearance.

Despite being so slender, it is very sturdy as its body comes with a hard polycarbonate exterior.

Furthermore, its base is made with anti-fall construction, which prevents the Air Touch i8 from being accidentally knocked over.

Coverage Area

The Air Touch i8 has a 3D Air Flow technology which means that it absorbs air from all across the room while also circulating air to the farthest reaches.

o do this it uses its two side vents and its top vent. This ensures that there is no blind angle in which air is stagnating and not being purified.

This technology lets it effectively cover an area of up to 415 sq. ft. (38.5 sq. m.), which is the second highest coverage area of Honeywell’s home air purifiers. I

t has a CADR of 300 m3/hr. This makes it ideal for use in medium-sized rooms such as a bedroom or living room.

Filtration System

This model’s filtration system is the same as the other Honeywell home air purifiers.

It consists of 3 steps, with the first step being a pre-filter that removes large pollutants such as PM10 and animal dander and hair.

The next is the HEPA filter which removes pollutants larger than 0.3 microns with an effectiveness of 99%. It removes pollen, certain bacteria, and PM2.5.

The final stage is a HiSiv filter designed to filter out odours and gaseous pollutants, targeting VOCs in particular. It can filter out over 99% of formaldehyde, the most common VOC, from the air.

Both the filters have a life of 3000 hours. They are also very easy to change as you can just pull them out from the back panel of the purifier.

Controls and Functions

The controls of this model consist of easy-to-use touch buttons with an LED panel. The LED in this panel can glow three different colours to indicate the air quality in your room. This air quality is measured by laser sensors.

It has 3 speed settings and an Auto mode, which adjusts the speed of the fan according to the detected pollution level.

This maximizes the efficiency and reduces power consumption without you having to monitor your model constantly.

It also comes with a Sleep Mode for use at night for quieter functioning and a child lock.

Other Specs and USPs

Source: Honeywell

This model has a highly variable noise level, depending on the fan speed. It can vary from 38 dB to 63 dB.

This means it can be both the quietest purifier manufactured by Honeywell as well as the loudest. Its low noise level is useful when putting it on Sleep Mode since it won’t disturb you at night.

It is also more energy efficient than other Honeywell models, irrespective of the coverage area. It has an energy consumption of 42W.

Honeywell markets this model on the basis of the following features :

Child Lock feature : This prevents children from being able to access the controls – you can let your purifier run near kids without any hassle

Quiet functioning : As mentioned, this model has the potential to be extremely quiet, especially on Sleep Mode – this makes it ideal for night-time use

Sturdy construction : Its polycarbonate exterior makes it highly durable and its anti-fall construction prevents it from being accidentally knocked over.


Pros and cons

Like any other model, this one also has its own pros and cons, some of which it shares with Honeywell air purifiers in general.


  • Quiet Functioning : This model is advertised as being ultraquiet, being as quiet as 38 dB on the Sleep Mode
  • Power Efficiency : Its maximum power usage is 42W, which means it consumes less energy than the other Honeywell air purifiers
  • Sturdy build : This model’s exterior is made of polycarbonate and is very durable. Its anti-fall construction also makes it very sturdy


  • No ionizer : This model does not have an ionizer as part of its purification process. While this means it produces no ozone, it also means that this purifier does not sterilize the air. Viruses, bacteria, and mould spores are not killed by the filtration.

Who Should Use This Model ?

This model is perfect for home usage, especially in a bedroom.

This is because of its Auto mode, which means you do not have to worry about it, as well as its low noise level, which is further decreased by the sleep mode.

Its CADR rate as well as its coverage area or also suited for use in a bedroom. Alternatively, you can use it in a smaller sized living room.

It is also good for all-day use especially if someone in your household will be at home all day.

This is because it cannot be switched on from a distance via WiFi so if you come home from work, you will have to start the purifier and wait for the air quality to improve rather than coming home to already-purified air.

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Where to Buy ?

This model is not available for purchase on Honeywell’s online store. Rather, to purchase it, you can inquire on their website if a Honeywell store near you carries the model in stock.

This can be quite a cumbersome process, especially if Honeywell does not retail in your location.

The easier alternative is purchasing this model on either Amazon or Flipkart. While Amazon sells this model in both its colour variants (white and champagne gold), it is available only in the champagne gold colour on Flipkart.

With online purchases, you do not need to go and get the model yourself. Furthermore, the delivery is extremely swift and large companies such as Amazon and Flipkart have streamlined customer services to address any difficulties you might face. All these factors make an online purchase much easier.

Our Recommendation

The Air Touch i8 has a suite of standard features, common with other Honeywell air purifiers. These include its sturdy anti-fall construction, air quality sensors, and Auto and Sleep Modes.

Apart from these, its standout feature is that it is the most power-efficient out of all the Honeywell home air purifiers. It can also have the lowest noise level out of all of them.

It is, therefore, definitely recommended, especially for night-time or all-day use.

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