Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 Air Purifier Review

The Energy Star rated Air Genius 4 is an excellent air purifier that provides an impressive tradeoff between the micron level and the room size. It is practically a one-time purchase (owing to the permanent filter) from a name brand that we have come to know, love and trust! Extremely hassle-free and a doctor’s recommendation, this Honeywell model wins our vote and that of numerous buyers with its brilliant performance!

Honeywell has revolutionized the way we will think about air purifiers with the Compact Air Genius 4.

The Compact Air Genius 4 has eliminated the need for replacement filters, and now the unit with its pre-fixed ifD® filtration will last you for years to come.

This feature is truly an upgrade in terms of customer satisfaction and ease of use.

The Compact Air Genius 4 is packed with many such features that are elaborated in the following sections of this article. Read on to know more!

Key Specifications Of Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4

Source: Honeywell

The Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 captures up to 99.9% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns such as pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander.

The Air Genius freshens the air by absorbing odors and reducing household VOCs using its permanent primary filter and two pre-filters which the user can choose.

This air purifier model is capable of circulating the room’s air five times every hour and comes with four robust pre-set cleaning levels.

The allergen intelligence mode optimizes the allergen capture performance.

The air purifier has also managed to win the Energy Star for meeting the stringent energy efficiency guidelines.

Some key specifications of this model are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyifD QuietClean Technology
Filtration Stages3
FiltersPre-filter, ifD filter, Electronic Ionizer
Coverage Area250 sq. ft
CADR98 CHM (Smoke), 95 CHM (Dust), 84 CHM (Pollen)
Dimensions (L X W X H)8.26 X 7.75 X 18.89 in.
Cleaning Levels4
WarrantyFive years

Unique Features

The most useful and unique feature of the Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 is the presence of permanent, washable filters.

Honeywell has upgraded the filter size to 4 times the previous offering and eliminated the need for a replacement, a big hassle in comparable models.

Secondly, the automatic shutoff timer can be configured at 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour periods. This allows one to sleep peacefully after turning on the system and knowing it will be turned off in due time.

There is also the oscillation feature that ensures a steady dispersal of purified air throughout the desired space.

It ensures that air from all corners of the room is sucked into the unit for purification and dispersed evenly.

Lastly, the Compact Air Genius 4 is AHAM verified for room sizes up to 150 sq. ft. with variable CADR for different kinds of contaminants.

The certification is a testimony to the unit’s efficiency in the removal of dust, pollens, and smoke from the room while consuming the same amount of electricity as a standard light bulb!


What All Impurities Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 Removes

The most common contaminants found indoors are tackled efficiently by Air Genius 4.

These are odors like tobacco smoke, dust, mold spores, and pollens.

The airborne pollutants are trapped by the pre-filter, whereas the ifD successfully removes the microscopic impurities in the air, common allergens, and biological contaminants like microorganisms.

Odors, gases, and VOCs are a thing of the past with this model, and the ifD filter attracts dust and pollen like a magnet.

The accuracy of the air purifier in removing the contaminants is pegged at 99.9%!

Can Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 Remove Viruses ?

Manufacturers have not explicitly stated the Compact Air Genius 4 air purifier’s effectiveness in the removal of viruses from the air.

Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

Source: Honeywell

While HEPA filtration is considered the gold standard for air purification, the Air Genius purifiers go one step further with the ifD filtration technology.

It is considered to be one of the best techniques for air cleaning, making use of permanent washable filters.

The first layer of filtration is the washable pre-filter that tackles the larger airborne particles. It is attached to the rear grille and also traps odors and VOCs at this stage.

Next comes the patented ifD filter uses electronic filtration to capture particles with a 99.9% efficiency.

These filters are permanent and can be simply rinsed or washed clean. No microscopic pollutants can escape this level of filtration.

Lastly, the electronic ionizer boosts the cleaning power of the air purifier. When the air purifier is turned on, large volumes of air are drawn towards the filter.

It may help to vacuum the surrounding areas to prolong the life of the filter.


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

The best feature of the Compact Air Genius 4 is perhaps the fact that its permanent ifD filter can simply be rinsed in water for cleansing.

When it comes to pre-filters, the users have two options to choose from. They can either go for yet another permanent washable filter or a replaceable filter known for odor and VOC reduction.

The replaceable filters for odor reduction can be purchased at

They are useful in deodorizing the air and should be replaced every three months for the best results.

The ‘check filter’ light present on the air purifier will go off, and you will simply need to clean out the filter by washing it.

It eliminates the need for periodically purchasing replacement filters and costing the additional buyer money in the process.

Repairs and Warranty

Honeywell provides the most prolonged warranty period of 5 years on the Compact Air Genius 4 as well as its permanent ifD® filter.

The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, but the replacement pre-filters are excluded from the same.

For any questions or comments, you can reach out to Honeywell at

The contact number and contact email are 1800-103-3848 and [email protected], respectively.

The nearest dealers for Honeywell air purifiers can also be located and contacted using

Price of Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 and Its Filters

The Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 has incorporated an ingenious ifD® filter that is permanent and washable.

This means that unlike other filters where you have a fixed annual cost in terms of filter replacement, the replacement charge is entirely absent in this model.

The filter that is fitted in the unit will last for as long as the unit itself with proper care and maintenance.

In our opinion, this feature makes the Honeywell model much more advanced as compared to other air purifiers, and hence it is reasonably priced even though it is a bit higher than its counterparts.


Who Should Buy Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 ?

The Compact Air Genius is suited for small spaces up to 150 sq. ft. in size for the best results.

The purifier can be placed in your bedroom, kid’s room, home office, or living space depending on where you spend the most time!

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Why We Like It

Honeywell is one of the most recommended brands by doctors and allergists.

The Air Genius 4 model is straightforward to use, and the four corroborates with the four pre-set levels of the air purifier, namely – Sleep, General, Allergen, and Max.

You can use the extra-sensitive Allergen mode, which comes handy during spring and fall time if you are plagued with allergies.

Even when the purifier is operated at the Max mode, it is barely audible.

With such elegant design upgrades, the Honeywell Compact Air Genius 4 wins our vote for an excellent air purification solution!

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