Kent Alps Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Kent Alps Air Purifier Review

The Kent Alps Air Purifier has an HEPA filter with filtration up to 0.3 microns and 430 square feet coverage area, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, and other large rooms. It has a filter change indicator, one-touch child lock and intelligent air monitoring. It also features an inbuilt ioniser and a user-friendly, convenient, functional design.

Kent RO Systems Limited is a 21st-century health care products company that has the vision to make the world a healthy and a happy family.

They make products like Air Purifiers, Water Softeners, Bed Cleaners, Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners, etc.

The Kent Alps Air Purifier helps individuals to tackle problems of indoor air pollution. It has an intelligent air quality monitor and one-touch child-lock technology.

Key Specifications of Kent Alps Air Purifier

Source: Kent Alps

The Kent Alps Air Purifier is suitable for large rooms, like bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, etc. covering an area of 430 square feet.

It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 400 m³/h. It contains HEPA air purifier, which has an efficiency of 99.97%.

The air purifier has intelligent air quality monitoring consisting of an inbuilt sensor and air quality LED display that indicates the air quality of the room. It has a high purifying capacity that instantly purifies the room.

It has a pedestal mode of installation and is convenient to install and use. It also has an eight-hour timer find ion and three different speed levels for customised requirements.

The key specifications of this Kent Alps air purifier are summarised below.

Purification TechnologyHEPA Air Technology
FiltersPrimary Filter, Activated Carbon and HEPA Technology.
Main filter TypeHEPA
Coverage Area (sq ft)430 square feet
CADR400 m³/h
Power Consumption (W)55 W
Noise (dB)54 bB
Power SupplySingle phase: 200-240 V, AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L X W X H) mm 410 x 242 x 580 mm
Warranty (years)1 Year Warranty
Power SourceCorded Electric

Unique Features

The Kent Alps air purifier has five unique features, two of which are:

Inbuilt ioniser

The air purifier is equipped with an inbuilt ioniser that releases negative ions that freshen the air in the room by forcing pollutants such as dust and dander to stick to the walls or other surfaces within the room, or trap them on an electrically charged collection plate near the ionising unit.

Removes Particulate Matter

The product has a HEPA filter which removes PM 2.5 and SPM present in the air. It also has a specially treated activated carbon filter which absorbs odour and foul smells.


What All Impurities Kent Alps Air Purifier Removes

The air purifier removes physical impurities that can be seen by the naked eye like dust, hair and pet dander.

It filters out chemical impurities like unwanted odours, harmful gases, formaldehyde and oxides of sulphide and nitrogen. It also removes biological impurities like mould and bacteria.

Can Kent Alps Air Purifier Remove Virus?

Source: Kent Alps

No, the HEPA filter used in Kent Alps air purifier can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.7%. As viruses are usually around the size of 0.1 microns, this air purifier may not be able to filter them out.

Kent Alps Air Purifier Filters System: How it Purifies Air

The air purification method in the Kent Aura uses HEPA technology. The Kent Alps Air Purifier has three stages of filtration:

  1. Primary Filter: Here, large and visible pollutants such as large dust particles, pet dander, hair, debris, cobwebs, etc. are filtered out.
  2. Activated Carbon: This filter works towards effectively removing all the harmful gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and Total volatile organic compounds present in the air. It also removes foul odours, pet smells and cigarette smoke.
  3. HEPA filter: This antibacterial HEPA filter catches and traps various carcinogenic pollutants such as bacteria, pollen, allergens, dust and cigarette smoke particles. It filters out particles up to 0.3 microns, with a 99.97% efficiency.

The HEPA filters used in the Kent Alps air purifier uses three different mechanisms: impact, interception and diffusion, to catch and trap carcinogenic pollutants found in the air.

This feature helps to remove allergy and asthma-causing particles in the air. The HEPA filter also comes with an antibacterial coating.


Filter Change, Repairs & Warranty

Read ahead for more information on the filter change requirements, repairs and warranty of the Kent Alps:

Filter Change Requirements

The air purifier comes with an indicator for filter replacement.

The Primary filter needs to be cleaned every two weeks. It can be done with the help of either a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.

The Antibacterial HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter also need to be cleaned every two weeks. To clean it, the filters must be placed face-down on a newspaper or any such protective surface.

The filters can be cleaned using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner (using the brush nozzle or crevice nozzle) to remove dust from its body.

Excessive force must not be exerted on the HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon Filter as doing so could lead to its deformation.

The filters must not be washed under any circumstances.

When the filters need to be changed, the Filter Replacement Indicator starts flashing. The filters can be removed and replaced by the users themselves.

Repairs and Warranty

There is a one-year warranty for the air purifier, starting from the date of purchase.

For any information regarding Kent Alps air purifiers, you can contact Kent Alps via or email at [email protected] by calling +91-9278912345. A support page for creating and tracking service requests is also available at

Price of Kent Alps Air Purifier and Its Filters

This air purifier can be purchased for a reasonable price, well within the range of other products having similar features, coverage area, filter type and functionality.

It has a one-year warranty, similar to other air purifiers within this range.


Who Should Buy Kent Alps Air Purifier

The Kent Alps air purifier is designed for the air purification needs of large rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces with 430 square feet coverage area.

It is suitable for residential and office use.

It product is almost noiseless in its working, making it suitable for individuals who want to have quiet space maintained around them.

The air purifier helps remove 99.97% of the pollutants in the air. It provides filtration up to 0.3 microns, which is suitable for persons with allergies to airborne allergens like dust and dander.

Why we like it

The Kent Alps air purifier is capable of improving the air quality at a satisfactory pace.

However, there have been issues concerning Kent’s customer support, such as the quality of service provided and the knowledge of the technicians.

It is easy to use and is almost noiseless in its functioning. The HEPA technology along with ionizer help to improve the air quality and provide refreshing air as well. It has an elegant appearance, which is a bonus. It’s features make it a purifier to consider purchasing.


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