Mi 2S Air Purifier Review – Is it Worth Buying?

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In Brief: Mi 2S Air Purifier Review

The Mi 2S is the latest air purifier and is meant to be an improvement over the previous Mi 2 model. The model has a CADR of 310m3/hr and a coverage area of 400 sq ft, making it ideal for home and small office spaces.

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand which was established in 2010, having initially specialized in smartphones. However, it quickly expanded and within just 8 years it now manufactures electronics such as smart watches, drones, and power banks.

While Chinese manufacturers are often judged as having compromising quality for price, Xiaomi attempts to deliver high-performing products which are also competitively priced.

Because of this, Xiaomi has now gained international popularity in Asian countries, becoming the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Its products are now known universally for their inexpensive pricing while also been good quality and highly-rated by customers.

This extends to its air purifiers as well. Currently, Xiaomi only retails the Mi 2S air purifier.

Key Specs of the Mi 2S

Source: Mi

This model is an extremely modern one, being entirely controlled through smart controls via the Mi Home App and also being compatible with certain Alexa devices by Amazon

. It is energy efficient and has 360˚ air coverage because of its tower design.

The popular Indian electronics review channel on Youtube, iGyaan, has made a video analyzing this model in detail and showing you how it functions. It can be viewed here :


Read the long list of Mi 2S specs here :

Coverage Area400 sq. ft.
CADR310 m3/hr
Electrostatic filtersNo
Power 28W (max)
Filter Stages3
Filter Life6 months
Filter Cost (approx)Rs. 2199
SoundNot specified
Warranty1 year
Air Quality IndicatorYes
Mobile AppYes
RemovesHair, animal dander, larger dust
PM 2.5, pollen, ultrafine dust (95%)
Odours, formaldehyde
Other SpecificationsCompatible with some Alexa devices
"Brightness adjusts automatically
to surroundings"

Unique Features

Aesthetics and Body

This model has a tower structure with a perforated exterior body which allows the air to flow into it. Its tower structure is designed to ensure maximum intake of air while also remaining highly compact.

This model’s brightness is automatically adjusted by sensing the ambient lighting of the room. Thus, it will not stand out too much in any room and remain inconspicuous.

It will also automatically dim itself at night so that it does not disturb you while sleeping.

It also has a central circular display which informs you about the humidity of the air, the temperature, as well as the air quality. This gives you a comprehensive account of the air in your home.


This model’s tower structure is designed to maximize its air intake while maintaining its compactness.

Its exterior has 934 holes to ensure that airflow comes in from all directions while its large top vent lets it spread air all across the room. This gives it a 360˚air circulation capability.

These features let it efficiently cover an area of 400 sq. ft. (37 sq. m.). This makes it suitable for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms.

It has a CADR of 310 m3/hr, which means that in smaller rooms it can clean the air within just 10 minutes.

Filtration System

The Mi 2S comes with a 3-step filtration process for its 360˚ air circulation. These 3 steps all take place within one uniquely constructed filter with 3 layers made by Xiaomi.

To ensure its authenticity, each filter comes with its unique ID and RFID tag.

The outer layer of the filter removes large particles of dust, hair and animal dander.

The second layer uses an H11 grade HEPA filter, which means that it removes 95% of all pollutants smaller than 0.3 microns from the air. This includes pollen, ultrafine dust, and PM2.5.

Finally, the innermost layer of the filter uses activated carbon to remove gaseous pollutants, odours, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde.

Controls and functioning

This model comes with a circular OLED display one on one side which gives you real-time information about the humidity, air quality, and temperature of your room.

The main controls, however, are via WiFi on the Mi Home App available for both Android and iOS users.

It lets you switch your purifier on and off from a distance, lets you set a timer for your air purifier, and gives you the ability to monitor air quality data of your room. It also gives you the air quality outside so that you can compare.

You can also control the fan speed of this model via the app. It also comes with a Night mode, for quiet functioning while sleeping, an Auto mode, which adjusts the fan according to the detected pollution level, and an active mode, which uses the highest fan speed.

It also informs you when to change your filter.

It is also compatible with certain Alexa devices by Amazon.

Other specifications and USPs

This model comes equipped with a Japanese Nidec motor, which means that it consumes very little power.

On standby, it consumes less than 2W and on normal mode, its consumption is around 4.8W, which is less than a light bulb. Its maximum power consumption is 28W.

The noise level for this model is not specified by Xiaomi.

According to Xiaomi, this model has the following USPs :

Smart controls : This model is entirely controlled via smartphone through the Mi Home App which also connects with other Mi devices in your house for a smart home experience.

High precision laser sensor : Its real-time air quality monitor works by using a highly accurate laser sensor to detect PM2.5 in the air.

Efficiency and low noise : The tower structure of this model, as well as its CADR, are meant to maximize the efficiency of this model while running silently with low power consumption.

Pros and cons

As with model, this too comes with its pros and cons which are listed below.


  • Efficiency : With a normal power consumption of around 4.8W and a CADR of 310m3/hr, this is a highly efficient model for medium-sized rooms.
  • RDIF tag on filters : This is a very unique feature of this model and ensures that you never get a substandard or fake filter, especially when ordering online.
  • Easy to use : Many customers have commented that because of its smart controls, this model is easy-to-use while also meeting all their expectations in delivering high-quality air.


  • Filter : This model’s filter is an H11 standard filter. This means it only clears 95% of ultrafine particles from the air. This is less than other purifiers in the market which use HEPA filters that can remove 99% of all ultrafine dust and PM2.5
  • App : The Mi Home App required to run this purifier has extremely low reviews. On the Apple App Store it has a rating of 2.1 and on the Play Store the 1-star reviews exceed the 5-star reviews. Frequent problems with connecting, constant disconnections or the app is unable to find the purifier are commonly listed complaints.

Who Should Buy This ?

This model is meant for at-home use, so it is good for medium-sized rooms in your house.

A number of customers have stated that they use their Mi 2S in their bedrooms all day for round-the-clock high-quality air.

This has helped many people with reducing their allergies and asthma, allowing for a good sleep.

Furthermore, this model is very competitively priced and is much more affordable than many other purifiers, being one of the few well-rated purifiers under Rs. 10,000.

Thus, it is good for home users who need a 24/7 air purifier which does not have a high up-front cost.

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Where To Buy ?

The Mi 2S can only be purchased online, where it is available both on Amazon as well the as the online Mi Store.

On the Mi store, you have free delivery of the product as well as a cash on delivery option. Furthermore, you can purchase it in a bundle with an extra filter to save Rs 300 on your total purchase.

On Amazon, it is also available with free delivery. Furthermore, many customer reviews have praised the Amazon delivery for being extremely fast.

Without Amazon Prime, you can get this purifier delivered to you within 2 days.

Amazon also has frequent offers on air conditioners and air purifiers so if you decide to purchase this model during an Amazon sale, it is possible that you can get it at a marked down value from the Mi online store, although this isn’t always guaranteed.

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Our Recommendation

This model’s energy efficiency means that it is perfect for 24/7 use. By keeping it on constantly you can easily eliminate accumulated pollutants in your bedroom or living room, giving you a peaceful sleep at night.

There are, however, problems with its smart controls, which have been frustrating for some users. This should definitely be kept in mind so that you have a holistic idea of this model in case you decide to purchase it.

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