Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD Review

Panasonic F-PBJ30ADDuses a Composite Filter in its purification system. It has a coverage area of 215 sq. ft., CADR of168m3/hr and is especially suitable for bedrooms and other small rooms. It features a House Dust Catcher and Sleep Mode.

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Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD uses a Composite Filter and Deodorisation Filter in it’s purification system. It also has a sleep mode and is PM2.5 certified.

Key Specifications of Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD

Source: Panasonic

Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD uses a Composite Filter and a Deodorisation Filter.

It has a coverage area of 215 sq. ft. and is especially suitable for bedrooms, office cabins and other small sized rooms. It has a CADR of 168m3/hr.

It is PM 2.5 certified, has a House Dust Catcher and has a Sleep mode. When in Sleep mode, it operates at a low speed with the display off or dimmed for eight hours.

The key specifications of the Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD air purifier are summarized below:

Purification TechnologyComposite Filter and Deodorisation Filter
FiltersComposite Filter and Deodorisation Filter
Main filter TypeComposite Filter
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)215 sq. ft.
CADR168 m3/hr
Power Consumption (W)Medium: 20 W
Noise (dB)Not Available
Power Supply (V)Not Available
Dimensions (H X W X D) cm 54 X 31.1 X 21
Warranty (years)1 year on product

Unique Features

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD has the following unique feature:

Sleep mode

When the air purifier is in Sleep mode, it operates at a low speed with the display off or dimmed for eight hours.


What All Impurities Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD Removes

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD air purifier can remove physical impurities like dust, pollen, and dander.

It can remove chemical pollutants like cigarette smoke and odours like cooking odour, pet odour, waste odour, etc.

It can also remove biological contaminants like airborne bacteria and 17 kinds of viruses.

Can Panasonic F-PBJ30ADDRemove Virus?

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD air purifier uses a Composite Filter technology that removes 99.99% allergens and particles.

The company claims that the Composite Filter in this air purifier is capable of removing 17 types of viruses.

No additional information is available on the same.

Panasonic F-PBJ30ADDAir Filters System: How it Purifies air

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD comes with a Composite Air Filter consisting of 3 types of filters in its technology:

  • Super Alleru-buster: It inhibits 99% of the allergens present in the air.
  • Green Tea Catechin: It inhibits 99% of the viruses present in the air.
  • Anti-bacteria Enzyme: It hydrolyses the cell wall, destroying the bacterium. It inhibits 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergens up to 99%.

The air purifier also has a deodorization filter, which is a carbon filter that assists in removing the various foul odours arising from waste, cooking, pets etc. in the room.


Filter Change, Repairs & Warranty

More details about filter change, repair and warranty are:

Filter Change Requirements

The Composite Filter in the Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD needs to be cleaned approximately twice a month. The black side (front side) can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

This must be done delicately, and the user must not apply too much pressure on it. The back (white) side is free of maintenance. The filter must never be washed with water.

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD has a Composite Filter and Deodorization Filter, each with a filter life of two years.

Repairs and Warranty

Main unit and front panel need to be cleaned approximately once a month. This can be done by wiping off any dust and dirt using a damp cloth, without using too much force.

The power plug can be wiped with a dry cloth. The air purifier comes with a one-year warranty on the product.

For any information regarding Panasonic air purifiers, you can contact them by call at 1800 103 1333 / 1800 108 1333 for details regarding consumer products or via email at [email protected].

A contact page is also available at

Price of Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD and Its Filters

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD is shown to be priced competitively when compared to other products that have similar coverage area and functionality.

However, it doesn’t seem to compare in terms of the number of features available. It also comes with a one-year warranty on the product, which is similar to its competitors.


Who Should Buy Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD

The product is suitable for addressing the air purification needs of a small room with a 215 sq. ft. coverage, making it suitable for small rooms & office cabins.

It provides the basic requirements of air purifications, but there isn’t a lot of information available regarding the product.

It is also useful for individuals who are suffering from allergies, asthma and other related issues.

Why we like it

The air purifier is well-received on e-commerce websites such as Amazon. It is portable, is lightweight and compact in design, and provides flexibility to the user in terms of movement.

However, there is a lack of information pertaining to the features and specifications of the product.

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD can be recommended for basic air purification needs.


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