Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier Review

The Philips AC1215/20 is a highly popular air purifier by Philips, which manufactures a number of other air purifiers and cleaners. This model has hundreds of positive reviews by customers and users on sites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

Philips itself is one of the largest conglomerates specializing in electronics in the world, having operations in 100 countries globally.

It is divided into two divisions, one which focuses on specialized electronics, such as medical equipment, and another which is geared towards consumer electronics.

Philips has been operating in India since 1930, manufacturing a number of popular household electronics and electrical equipment.

These devices are as diverse as irons, beard trimmers, and smart TVs and monitors.

Among their products designed for air quality, they manufacture 10 air cleaners and purifiers, apart from the AC1215/20.

These are as follows: AC3256/20, AC2887/20, AC5659, AC2882/50, AC3259/20, AC3257/20, AC6609/20, AC1217/20, AC1211/20, and the AC2892/20.

Key Specs of the AC1215/20

Source: Philips

The Philips AC1215/20 is meant for medium to large home spaces, where its quiet functioning and automatic dimming of its lights means that it will not stand out or disturb you.

Its long-lasting filter tackles allergens, ultrafine pollutants, and certain types of bacteria to give you highly purified air with its CADR of 270 m3/hr.

There are only a couple of user reviews of this model online. You can see an unboxing of this model as well as see how to use it, alongside its main specs, over here :


Read the long list of AC1215/20 specs here :

Coverage Area678 sq. ft.
CADR270 m3/hr
Electrostatic filtersNo
Power 50W
Filter Stages1
Filter LifeUp to 24 months
Filter Cost (approx)Rs. 2395
Sound33 dB
Warranty2 years
Air Quality IndicatorYes
Mobile AppNo
RemovesAllergens (pollen), PM2.5 (99.97%)
Ultrafine dust as small as 0.2 microns
Certain bacteria and viruses
Other SpecificationsShuts off if filter is not replaced promptly
NanoProtect HEPA for long life

Unique Features

Source: Philips

Body and aesthetics

The shape of the AC1215/20 is very unique as its straight body curves slightly towards the top.

This curved area is where the vents for the purifier air are so that fresh airflow is always directed throughout the room. The front of the model contains a number of holes to let in unpurified air.

The controls are on a panel on the top of the model.

It is bulkier than other Philips air purifiers but not significantly so. It only comes in one colour, which is a classic white.

The lights of this model can also be dimmed or switched off entirely to suit the lighting in your room, especially at night so that it does not disturb you while sleeping.


This model has a medium to a large coverage area of 678 sq. ft. or 63 sq. m. This makes it suitable for large living rooms and master bedrooms.

It can also be used in certain office spaces such as in conference or meeting rooms. However, Philips itself recommends this model for bedroom use.

It has a CADR of 270 m3/hr for particulate matter and tobacco smoke. This is definitely on the lower side for a model which is supposed to cover such a large area.

Filtration System

This model uses a single extra-thick HEPA filter which is designed for superior air purifier proficiency. It can effectively remove particles which are as small as 0.02 microns in size.

It is designed primarily to combat PM2.5 pollution and can remove 99.97% of particulate matter from the air.

It is also designed to capture certain bacteria and viruses, although the types of microbes that it filters from your air are limited.

It also has a unique pleated structure which is intended to maximize surface area through which air can flow through.

This increase its efficiency while also extending its lifespan to as much as 24 months.

Controls, Interface, and Functioning

This model has a simple control panel on the top of the purifier with press buttons and a display which informs you about the air quality in your room.

This is conveyed by a colour ring which has 4 colours ranging from blue (high quality to air) to red (extremely polluted).

This air quality is measured by sensors which measure the particulate matter, specifically PM2.5, as well as allergen (such as pollen) levels.

It has 3 fan speeds along with a turbo mode to use when you need to quickly purify the air in your room.

It comes with a night mode developed specifically for use in bedrooms which switches off the lighting, makes the purifier function more quietly, and constantly monitors the air quality in the room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.

This model also has an Auto Mode as well as a child lock.

It also notifies you about when you need to change the filter and shuts the purifier down automatically if the filter is not replaced promptly so that you do not get unpurified air.

Other specifications and USPs

The power consumption of this model is a maximum of 50W. Its energy consumption can be made more efficient by using the Auto mode which adjusts the fan speed according to the pollution level detected.

It has a noise level of 33dB, which is quite low. This makes it suitable for night time use in a bedroom since it can operate without disturbing your sleep.

According to Philips, the AC1215/20 has the following USPs

NanoProtect HEPA : This model uses a specially modified HEPA filter to make it extra thick. This increases its lifespan while giving it a 99.97% efficiency in removing particulate matter.

Auto and Night modes : Despite the lower cost of this model, it does not compromise on technological capabilities and comes with air quality sensors, and an Auto and Night Mode as well as a child lock.

Healthy Air Protect : This feature of the model notifies you about when you need to change your filter while also preventing your purifier from working if the filter is not changed promptly. This ensures that there is no ineffective purification.

Pros and cons

Based on comparisons with other air purifiers on the market as well as from customer reviews, the following pros, and cons of this model have been compiled :


  • Efficiency and coverage : There are hundreds of customer reviews which praise this model for its efficiency in purifying the room in the air. Most users place this model in their bedrooms and have noted how it has improved their allergies as well as breathing problems such as asthma.
  • Value for money : A number of users have also noted that this model remains budget-friendly while also giving high-quality purification and a number of good features.


  • A few issues with the display
  • Has only one filter

Who Should Buy This ?

This model is suited for medium to large indoor spaces, preferably in a home since it cannot be monitored via WiFi.

Many users prefer to turn it on at night since its Night Mode reduces its noise level and brightness while automatically adjusting its speed to the air quality.

This makes it good for use in a master bedroom since it is capable of covering a large area.

Furthermore, since you cannot turn it on from a distance, as it is not WiFi enabled, it is also suited for 24/7 use to have constantly purified air.

Otherwise, you will have to go to your room, put it on, and wait for the air to be purified rather than walking into a room with already purified air.

In fact, many users of this model have noted that they tend to use their AC1215/20 for many days at a time rather than in intervals of a few hours.

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Where to Buy ?

This model can be purchased physically in shops such as Croma, but it is also available for purchase online.

For online shopping, the AC1215/20 is available online retail websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

With Amazon, you get free delivery on this product. Amazon also offers no-cost EMIs on this model.


Our Recommendation

This model, while not being as highly rated as other Philips air purifiers, is recommended as a budget-friendly option for people looking for a good 24/7 use purifier for their homes.

Its low noise level and night mode make it particularly good for use in bedrooms.

It is very effective at tackling ultrafine dust and PM2.5, as well as allergens such as pollen, so it is a good buy if you want to alleviate your allergies and asthma.

However, it does not tackle larger particles or animal dander as effectively.

Thus, it is definitely a targeted product which should be purchased depending on the air pollutants which affect you most.

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