Sharp FP-J60M-W Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Sharp FP-J60M-W Review

The Sharp FP-J60M-W has a coverage area of 550 sq. ft and CADR ranging from 396 to 60 m3/hr depending on the speed, making it suitable for large rooms like living rooms and office spaces. It has an Auto-restart option, Auto and Manual modes, Dust and Odour sensor and a low noise level. It also features a light sensor and SPOT Mode.

Sharp Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Japan.

The company is committed to contributing towards minimising environmental burden through effective implementation of e-waste management processes under their environmental policy.

Sharp FP-J60M-W has a dual purification system, whose active components consist of Plasmacluster Technology and passive filters consist of True HEPA H14 Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Pre-Filter.

Dual Purification Air Purifier.

Key Specifications of Sharp FP-J60M-W

Source: Sharp

Sharp FP-J60M-W uses a True H14 HEPA filter that has an efficiency of 99.97% at trapping particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

It has a coverage area of 550 sq. ft and CADR ranging from 396 to 60 m3/hr depending on the speed, making it suitable for large rooms such as living rooms and office spaces.

The air purifier can clean and purify the air in a room of 200 square feet coverage area four times in one hour. It can be used 24/7, 365 days a year and can be operated the day without any interruptions even in a non-ventilated room.

The Sharp FP-J60M-W has a special Haze function made for Indian weather conditions, where it operates at a high fan speed for 60 minutes and then alternates between the low and high level for 20 minutes each to destroy and eliminate poisonous gases and PM 2.5 particles efficiently.

It also features an Auto-restart option, Auto and Manual modes, Dust and Odour sensor and a low noise level.

The key specifications of the Sharp FP-J60M-W air purifier are summarized below:

Purification TechnologyHigh-density Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA
HEPA Filter
Active Carbon Filter
Main filter TypeTrue HEPA
Coverage Area (sq ft)550 sq. ft.
CADR396 / 222 / 60
Power Consumption (W)38 / 20 / 1.2 W
Noise (dB)43 / 40 / 15 dB
(Max / Med / Low)
Power Supply (V)220~240 V AC & 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W X H X D) mm416 x 720 x 292
Warranty (years)1 year
SensorsPM2.5, Dust, Odor & Light

Unique Features

The Sharp FP-J60M-W has four unique features, two of which are:


When the High-Density Plasmacluster Technology is used in SPOT Mode of the Sharp FP-J60M-W air purifier, the harmful substances which tend to accumulate at a lower height like furnishings, carpets etc., are removed.

These are areas where children are most likely to be exposed. SPOT Mode facilitates quick removal of VOCs, contaminants and static charges and provides sterilised air for the user.

Light Sensor

Bright lights can be troublesome to the users when they are sleeping in a dark room.

The SHARP FP-J60M-W air purifier comes with a super-sensitive light sensor panel placed in the interactive panel, which ensures that panel lights are switched off as soon as room lights are turned off, limiting light disturbance at night.


What All Impurities Sharp FP-J60M-W Removes

The air purifier can remove physical impurities like:

  • Tree pollen
  • Grass pollen
  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Pet hair
  • Dust mites remains

It can remove chemical pollutants like VOCs, diesel exhaust, smoke and cigarette smoke. It can also remove biological contaminants like bacteria like E. Coli, MRSA, TB, viruses like H1N1, and fungal spores.

Can Sharp FP-J60M-W Remove Virus?

Source: Sharp

The HEPA filter used in this product has an effective filtration for particles up to the size of 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.97% and so cannot kill viruses as they are smaller in size (around 0.1 microns)

However, the company claims that the plasmacluster technology used in their air purifiers can kill viruses like H1N1.

Sharp FP-J60M-W Air Filters System: How it Purifies air

Source: Sharp

The Sharp FP-J60M-W contains a three-stage filtration system consisting of:

  1. Pre-Filter: The air purifier has a washable PM10 Pre-Filter. Indoor pollutants such as house dust, dander and coarse dust up to 10 microns can be trapped and washed from the pre-filter without loading the HEPA Filter.
  2. Active Carbon Filter: this deodorizing filter can absorb cigarette odour, pet odor, cooking odour and many other common household odours.
  3. HEPA Filter: This H 14 True HEPA Filter traps 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns found in the air.

The air purifier showcases a High-Density Plasmacluster Technology with a True HEPA and Active Carbon filters which emit charged ions into the air in the room to more effectively remove contaminants and odours than simple filtration processes alone.


Filter Change, Repairs & Warranty

More details about filter change, repair and warranty on the Sharp FP-J60M-W are:

Filter Change Requirements

The filter layers may naturally darken due to dust, smoke, etc., getting trapped in them.

The filters may sometimes produce odour and may need to be exposed to bright sunlight for 3 to 4 hours at least once in 45 days.

The HEPA filter life depends on the nature of the indoor environment and the duration of usage. The HEPA filters must never be washed.

The direction of the filters must be checked when placing them into their frames.

The filters need to be replaced when the air outflow drops by 50%-60% when compared to the initial days of the new air purifier usage.

Repairs and Warranty

As a part of their global commitment, Sharp confirms that they will supply spares and consumables (all replacement filters) for five years after the product is discontinued in the country.

The air purifier comes with a one year warranty with onsite service.

For any information regarding Sharp air purifiers, you can contact them by calling 1800-4254-321 (Sales Support) or 1800-4254-322 (Service Support), or email them at [email protected].

Price of Sharp FP-J60M-W and Its Filters

The Sharp FP-J60-W is priced at a higher price in comparison to other products that have similar coverage area, features and functionality.

However, its plasmacluster technology is one that its competitors do not feature.

The filters for this product are also at a slightly higher price range when compared to its competitors.


Who Should Buy Sharp FP-J60M-W

The Sharp FP-J60M-W is excellent for addressing air purification needs of a large room with a 550 sq. ft. coverage, such as living rooms or office spaces.

It can also be used for persons with allergies to allergens like dust, pollen, etc.

Why we like it

The Sharp FP-J60M-W features a Plasmacluster technology that does not produce ozone. It also helps the skin in retaining its moisture, and helps improve its elasticity and texture.

The product works at a fast place to clean the air in the room and is relatively quiet in its functioning. It has an elegant design.

The features of the air purifier are an ideal choice for homes as they save energy and electricity.


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