Sharp Fu-A80E-W Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: Sharp Fu-A80E-W Air Purifier Review

The Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier is an affordable model with several positive features that provide the user with exceptional ease of use and assurance of clean, pollutant-free, odor-free air in an ample space. The compact body of the purifier betrays its powerful performance that can have excellent health benefits on the users. Readily available replacement filters and long life of the unit itself are solid reasons to invest in this Sharp air purifier!

Purchasing an air purifier has become a mandate given the severe degradation of air quality levels over the years, especially in urban cities.

The Sharp air purifiers are an excellent choice because not only do you get several models to choose from, the air purifiers also employ active and passive filtration to achieve the best results.

We will elaborate on this more in the following sections.

In this article, we will look at the Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier, which could be considered a mid-sized air purifier based on the coverage area.

Read on to know more about its purification process and the functionalities!

Key Specifications Of Sharp Fu-A80E-W

Source: Sharp

The dust sensors that are installed in the Sharp FU-A80E-W air purifier constantly monitor the air quality and let the user know of the same.

The automatic adjustments of the operations help in delivering optimal air quality without the need for constant user inputs.

There is a 20-degree airflow angle that ensures that the circulation is not limited to a single direction and that the air dispersion occurs effectively.

There is also a child lock present to prevent accidental modifications to the unit’s settings.

Some of the key specifications of this model are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyPlasmacluster + HEPA
Filtration Stages3
Particle Size0.3 microns
FiltersMesh Pre-filter, Active Carbon filter, HEPA filter
Coverage AreaUp to 680 sq. ft.
CADR (CMH)480 / 300 / 120 (High / Medium / Low)
Power Consumption (W)75 / 20 / 5 (High/Medium/Low)
Noise53 / 41 / 23 (High/Medium/Low)
ModesMedium, High, Low, Auto
Dimensions (W X H X D)402 x 620 x 245 mm

Unique Features

The Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifiers have been extensively tested and certified by 28 global test laboratories for their effectiveness.

The Plasmacluster technology is a unique addition to Sharp air purifiers, which sets them apart from the other units in the market.

This Plasmacluster purification has several benefits like generating fresh indoor air, deactivating microbes & other contagious content, neutralizing harmful gases & toxins, eliminating static charge, and hydrating the skin.


What All Impurities Sharp Fu-A80E-W Removes

The active Plasmacluster technology of this Sharp air purifier removes airborne bacteria and mold while also suppressing the activity of airborne microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

The technology suppresses an increase in dust mites, allergens, and related pollutants like dust mite feces and dead mites.

The technology actively works toward reducing the growth of adhering mold and deactivating several biological contaminants.

Odors like cigarette smoke and that created by airborne odor-causing microbes are suppressed. The air purifier also goes as far as removing static electricity.

This feature prevents contaminants like dust and pollen from sticking to the walls, ceilings, or furniture in the room.

Be it tree pollen, grass pollen, allergens, airborne mold, dust, odor, bacteria or viruses, the Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier successfully removes the contaminants from the air to leave you with a crisp and clean environment!

Can Sharp Fu-A80E-W Remove Viruses ?

Yes, after several tests and certifications, it has been established that the Sharp Fu-A80E-W can not only remove viruses, but it can also effectively reduce their growth by deactivating them.

Sharp Fu-A80E-W Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

The Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier employs Sharp’s original technology, which was the winner of the 2008 Invention Prize given out by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII).

It is a common misconception that the Plasmacluster technology is a negative ionizer, but it is, in fact, quite different from negative ionization.

Plasmacluster releases both positive and negative ions by the breakdown of water molecules.

These ions attack the pollutants to alter their chemical structure, thereby neutralizing them and returning to the air as water vapor.

This Plasmacluster tech forms the active part of the purification technology.

The passive purification is done with the help of a multi-layered filtration system.

The three layers are a micron mesh pre-filter, an active carbon filter or charcoal layer, and finally, the high-performance HEPA filter.

When the air purifier draws air inside via the intake, the large surface area of these filters captures all

kinds of impurities to deliver a purification efficiency of 99.97% in removing particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Throughout the purification process, the air purifier does not generate any harmful ozone and mimics the purification process often found in nature!


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

The average life of the filters used in the Sharp FU-A80E-W air purifier is 24 months. The figure may vary depending on the indoor pollution level and the usage of the air purifier.

The replacement filter set for the Sharp FU-A80E-W model can be purchased at The set includes the carbon and HEPA filter.

Repairs and Warranty

Sharp offers a one-year warranty on the Fu-A80E-W air purifier that does not include the filters used.

Any defects or damages within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced by Sharp free of cost provided the unit has been used as instructed.

Sharp can be contacted via their service number or missed call number 1800 4254 322 and 8750922277, respectively. They can also be emailed at [email protected]

Price of Sharp Fu-A80E-W and Its Filters

The price of the Sharp FU-A80E-W air purifier is very economical for the service that it offers.

We consider that since it covers an area as large as 600 sq. ft. effectively, the price is very reasonable compared to other models that are priced twice as much for offering the same utility.

The replacement filters are also available in easy combos that are priced economically, which ensures low ongoing costs for operating the air purifier.


Who Should Buy Sharp Fu-A80E-W ?

Given its broad coverage area and effectiveness in deactivation and reduction of different kinds of contaminants, several commercial facilities will significantly benefit from the use of the Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier.

Some of these places include restaurants, factories, food-processing plants, offices, public facilities, elderly care centers, IT server rooms, workplaces, etc.

Large spaces that house critical equipment or perhaps sensitive patients would find a good use for the Sharp Fu-A80E-W air purifier!

Do check if CADR of this air purifier is powerful enough for your room. Put details of the room and if this model’s CADR is near or more than the result, it’s a good choice.

Why We Like It

We like this Sharp air purifier for the innovation it has incorporated into its purification technology.

The Plasmacluter technology provides an additional purification measure apart from the mechanical purification that is carried out by the multi-layered filters.

This extra step ensures that odor-free, clean air is available continuously to the user without releasing any harmful ozone into the air.

The broad coverage area of the air purifier makes it suitable for numerous applications, and its excellent lab-tested performance is instrumental in guaranteeing better health for all!

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