TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier Review

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In Brief: TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier Review

The TruSens Z-1000 is a personal or small room air purifier that is fitted with all the advanced technologies that you would find in pricier models. Making use of TruSens’s SensorPod, PureDirect, and other design innovations, the Z-1000 ensures a steady and continuous flow of clean air in your surroundings while keeping you undisturbed with its noiseless operations!

TruSens prides itself on reimagining the design of air purifiers. With its sleek design and beautiful display, TruSens doesn’t believe in quantity but rather quality.

This fact is demonstrated by the fact that it has only offered three different models of air purifiers – one purifier each for small, medium, and large rooms.

The following sections of this article focus on the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier, which is the smallest of the lot.

There are several technology upgrades in the TruSens air purifiers as compared to other models, like DuPont Filtration, SensorPod technology, PureDirect Airflow, and even UV sterilization.

Read on to know more about this model!

Key Specifications Of TruSens Z-1000

Source: TruSens

What sets this TruSens air purifier apart from the other models is the DuPont filtration, which improves the air quality in your personal space.

After purification, the air purifier uses the PureDirect technology to dissipate the purified air using dual airflows.

All of the technology is packed into a sleek and compact design that can be fit into any corner.

The contemporary design of the air purifier complements any modern room. Also, the air purifier is very lightweight and fitted with a handle that allows you to easily carry it around.

The air purifier’s user-friendly display includes a simple touch control panel that can be used to control fan speed and even take a gauge of the purification status and filter!

Check out how to get started with the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier in a quick video at

Some key specifications of the model are tabulated below :

Purification TechnologyHEPA
Filtration Stages3
FiltersCarbon, HEPA, UV
Coverage Area23 sq. m.
Air Delivery TypePureDirect
Power Consumption40 W
Noise39 to 65 dB
Power Supply230 V
Dimensions7 x 7 x 17 in (195 x 195 x 451 mm)

Unique Features

Most air purifiers come with built-in sensors, but the TruSens Z-1000 uses SensorPod technology.

The sensor can be placed anywhere in the room away from the air purifier, and it will successfully record the air quality, letting you know the effectiveness of the air purifier’s operations.

The design of the air purifier is also unique. Other models are mostly rectangular and use flat filters, whereas the TruSens Z-1000 is circular and utilizes the 360-degree filters for better coverage!


What All Impurities TruSens Z-1000 Removes

The TurSens Z-1000 purification system is effective against dust, dust mites, mold, pet dander, hair, TVOCs, odors, smoke, toluene, formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, germs, allergens, etc.

If the particles are as small as 0.3 microns or more significant, they will not be able to get past the HEPA filter.

Can TruSens Z-1000 Remove Viruses ?

The HEPA filter present in the Z-1000 model can remove small microorganisms from the air (0.3 microns), including some viruses.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Filter Systems : How It Purifies Air

The TruSens Z-1000 utilizes the powerful purification of HEPA to achieve maximum cleanliness. Unlike the standard flat-design filters, the TruSens Z-1000 uses 360-degree filters so that air can be drawn in from all directions.

This design ensures that no matter where the air purifier is placed in the room, the entirety of the surroundings is covered.

The first layer of protection is the washable pre-filter that takes care of the more significant impurities like pet hair, dander, dust, etc.

Whenever the filter seems dirty, it can be removed easily and washed to make it good as new again.

The next layer made of activated carbon is tasked with removing unwanted odors and toxic gases from the air.

The porosity of the layer ensures maximum entrapment of airborne gaseous pollutants that are generally present in the form of TVOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, etc.

The third layer of the HEPA filter removes particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns. None of the remaining allergens, pollens, germs, bacteria, viruses, or other microscopic pollutants can get beyond this point.

With this purification technology, the air is changed twice in an hour in a room of size 23 sq. m. There are three different fan speeds that can be altered according to the air quality.


Filter Change, Repairs, and Warranty

Filter Change Requirements

The TruSens website sells a combination of the anti-viral allergy and flu filter along with the HEPA filter at

You can also buy the replacement carbon filter (allergy and flu) separately at

Some other variants of the carbon filter are also available as single pieces or combinations. The purchase links for these are mentioned below.

  1. Carbon Layer Replacement
  2. Replacement Filter – 2-IN-1 HEPA Drum

The manufacturers recommend replacing the HEPA filter every 12 to 15 months and the carbon filter every 3 to 4 months for the best results.

Repairs and Warranty

There is a two-year warranty available on the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier.

This warranty will take care of any defects that you may face while operating the air purifier within the first 24 months of purchase. Take note that this does not include the filters.

TruSens provides a facility for you to contact them via this weblink – Alternatively, you can also call them at 7304419327 for any further assistance.

Price of TruSens Z-1000 and Its Filters

One of the most economical models in the market for small air purifiers is the TruSens Z-1000. The air purifier has a long life as do the purification filters.

The cost of replacement filters is also much lower than comparative models.

Therefore, the one time investment maintenance costs are comparatively low for the Z-1000 model, making it a cost-effective option!


Who Should Buy TruSens Z-1000 ?

The Z-1000 model is better suited for small rooms and as personal air purifiers. The air purifier works ideally for a space of 23 sq. m.

It can be placed in the children’s room or a small corner office space. The utilization will depend on the user, and the placement of the unit will not affect its efficiency.

Why We Like It

The TruSens air purifier is an amalgamation of several advanced technologies, and its contemporary design makes it blend in seamlessly with the décor of any modern room.

It senses the air quality and lets the user know of the same with its user-friendly display.

The noiseless operations of the air purifier do not even make the slightest disturbance and hence make for excellent air purifiers for the bedroom at night.

Features like filter replacement alert and three-step fan mode make this model an excellent choice for personal use at economical prices!

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