Kent Air Purifiers Models Specs & Price [2021]

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Kent RO Systems is an Indian company specializing in the manufacture of healthcare products. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Though the company started as a brand for reverse osmosis water purifiers, over the years, it diversified.

Today, Kent produces a wide range of products like air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, vegetable & fruit purifiers, and water softeners.

The manufacturing base is located in the city of Roorkee and has the capacity of a million units.

It is generally a domestic supplier and holds around 40% market share in India. 80% of its revenues are for its RO water purifiers.

Nevertheless, it is now becoming a popular brand for air purifiers too. This is because buyers are now choosing to support the economy by buying local.

Kent Air Purifiers

Kent air purifiers are available in 5 models. These are priced between INR 8000 to INR 25000 depending on the model.

Here are three popular choices.

Kent Air Purifier Comparison Table

ModelFilterIdeal For
Kent Alps+Primary Filter + Activated Carbon + HEPA430 sq meter
Kent EternalActivated Carbon + HEPA377 sq meter
Kent MagicPrimary Filter + Activated Carbon + HEPACars

Kent Alps+ Air Purifier

The HEPA Alps+ comes with a high CADR of 400 cubic meters per hour. This model is suitable for a room-sized 430 square meters. Its high purifying capacity cleans the air in a room instantly.

The filtration system consists of three layers: a primary filter, an activated carbon filter, and an antibacterial HEPA filter.

The primary filter effectively removes large, visible pollutants like dust, hair, debris, and cobwebs.

The activated carbon acts on formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs, cigarette smoke smell, and other odors.

Finally, the HEPA filter takes care of pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold, and cigarette smoke particles. An in-built ionizer then acts on this improved air to increase freshness.

Negative ions help clean the air better as pollutants get attracted to each other and form clumps. A real-time display monitors and indicates the PM2.5 level of the indoor air.

Certain features improve the user experience such as low noise, filter change indicator, and user-friendly design.

The settings let you adjust the fan speed and set the timer.


Kent Eternal Air Purifier

The Kent Eternal Air Purifier features high-efficiency PM2.5 removal and intelligent air quality monitoring.

It has a clean air delivery rate of 400 cubic meters per hour. This makes it ideal for a space of 377 square feet.

The silent operation creates noise levels below 65 dB and has a power consumption of 52 W. There are two layers in the filtration apparatus: an antibacterial HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

The former removes bacteria and PM2.5 particulates while the latter gets rid of VOCs, formaldehyde, and odors. A filter change indicator informs users when the filters need to be replaced.

This model comes in a maroon-colored unit and the settings allow adjustments in the fan speed and timer. The automatic air quality indicator uses four colors to give this information.

Blue is for best, light blue for good, light pink for bad, and red for worse. Kent’s Eternal has an easy installation and requires low maintenance and care.


Kent Magic

The Kent Magic is an air purifier meant for use in cars. It has a three-stage filtration process consisting of a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter.

Together, the three layers remove visible pollutants, chemical compounds, carcinogens, VOCs, smoke, and odors from the indoor air.

The high-efficiency purification gets rid of 99% of fine particles and toxic gases.

This compact unit plugs into the car’s 12 V outlet and has two-speed settings. It comes in gray color with pedestal mounting. The power cord has a length of 2.5 m and the purifier consumes a total of 3.6 W.

The filter can be cleaned or replaced manually according to care specifications. This air purifier operates at a very low sound level of 35 dB and it weighs only 0.45 KG.

The package includes a user manual with detailed instructions for safety, installation, care, and maintenance. The box also includes a 12 V, DC adapter.



Other models include – Kent Aura

Kent is a dominant name in India when it comes to RO water purifiers. But now, even their air purifiers are becoming a popular choice.

The company offers 5 different models of air purifiers out of which one is meant for cars.

These purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters for effective purification. The HEPA filter is usually supplemented with an activated carbon filter and sometimes even a primary filter.

They are designed to operate silently and have easy installation and maintenance.

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