Our Team

AirHealth.in team is passionate about being part of campaign against air pollution in India.

Naveen Sharma

Naveen is B Tech & M Tech (2004) in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technolgy (IIT), Bombay. Naveen is a serial entrepreneur and his passion lies in connecting with people using Digital Media.

He wants to reach out to as many people as possible using AirHealth.in and educate them on the seriousness of air pollution.

He loves reading books, “Sapiens – Brief History of Humankind“, “Steve Jobs” & “Thinking¬†Fast and Slow” being his favorites.

Our Advisors

We are proud to have some great people on board who help us developing authentic content on Air Pollution and its impact. They take time out of their busy schedules to help us in our mission to fight air pollution.

Dr. Ankit Bansal

MBBS, MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine, IDCC (ISCCM), FCCP – Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Ankit Bansal is working as a Consultant in Pulmonology and Critical Care at Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur. He is trained in various aspects of pulmonology which include in the management of various disease of the chest, Allergy, sleep and interventional pulmonology.

He has a keen interest in the diagnosis and management of Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia especially Viral pneumonia-like H1N1 pneumonia, ILD, Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis.

He was designated as his Fellow by American College of Chest Physicians in the Year 2014. He is a part of many reputed international and national societies of respiratory medicine and critical care. He has participated in many international and national programs.

Among other things, Dr. Bansal is closely involved in guiding the content development on AirHealth.in especially related to respiratory disorders caused due to air pollution.